B for Bandook, T for Tank, Pakistan's text books of hate

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New Delhi, June 30: Former foreign minister of Pakistan Hina Rabbani Khar recently said that, "we have taught our children that our national identity is to hate others and it is especially true of our close neighbours. She was making a very obvious reference to India.

The former minister is right in every aspect and Pakistan does have one policy and that is "Hate India with all your heart."

Pakistan's text books of hate

The tutoring to hate India starts at a very early age. In fact a lot of text books in Madrasas at Pakistan have text books which not only tells lies about the history of the country, but also preach in-depth on how to hate India. Let us take a look at what these text books are saying.

The text books of hate:
First and foremost one must begin with the alphabet class. A few madrasas which are set up to preach violence begin an alphabet class with B for bandook, K for knife, R for rocket, T for tank, and S for sword.

Alright now enough with the alphabet class let us move on to a text book on history in a madrasa run for a group of children called as the White Falcons. This is a madrasa which is run by the Lashkar-e-Tayiba.

The first chapter deals with Muhammad Ali Jinnah. The muslims were being enslaved by the Hindu Indian National Congress. This party encouraged the slavery of Muslims. It was Jinnah who saved the Muslims from the Hindus.

Now let us check out some more history and this one is hilarious. " India was part of Pakistan before 1947. The text book also does its bit to belittle the Indian army which dealt several body blows on the Pakistan army.

In the 1971 war, the courageous Pakistan army humiliated the Indian army and defeated them both on the Eastern and Western fronts. As the master at the Madrasa reads this out, the ten year old listens on keenly only to end up believing that this is the gospel truth.

There is also a mention in the history text book about the 1965 war as well. The chapter begins with, " in 1965 Pakistan army conquered several areas in India. India was staring at defeat. New Delhi had no option but to approach the United Nations and seek a cease fire."

If one looks at these text books it becomes clear that from the age of 10, the children are taught how to hate India.

Chapters on how superstitious Hindu saints were reformed by the Muslims also is part of these books. While this is the foundation on which the 10 year old begins his education, later on it moves on to a a very popular book by al-Qaeda ideologue Anwar al Awlaki.

The book on 44 ways of performing jihad is also part of the syllabus of several Madrasas in Pakistan.

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