Assured education in Pakistan, he returned to India as a spy

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Pathankot, Feb 19: Espionage activities courtesy the ISI are at an all time high today. There are various methods that are being adopted by operatives hired by the ISI to spy in India and as of today the states that are targeted the most are Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir.

Take the case of this youth, Sajjad who was arrested in Pathankot earlier this month. He was roped in by the ISI to shoot pictures of sensitive locations. He was assured a sum of Rs 1 lakh for the job and during his interrogation he has said that he was given this money in installments of Rs 15,000 each.

Sajjad returned to India as a spy

How the ISI trapped him

Sajjad is a resident of Surankot in Jammu and Kashmir. In the year 2013, he visited Pakistan on a student visa. He was in fact identified by a person called Zulfikar in Pakistan.

On reaching Pakistan, he hoped that he could admission in a university. However Zulfikar told him that it would not be possible for him to study as his marks were not sufficient.

Dejected, Sajjad attempted to return to his home town. However Zulfikar told him that there was a way he could earn quick money. All he had to do was shoot some pictures of locations that were assigned to him. He was told that if he shot these photographs he would be paid a sum of Rs 1 lakh. Sajjad bit the bait.

He returned to India in 2014 and was in touch with a man called Majid who was his handler. As a cover, he took up a job in a call centre in Chandigarh. Over there he met with a person called Moga with whom he decided to execute the task.

Both shot several pictures of sensitive locations. The first set of pictures were however rejected as they were poor in quality. However he managed to get photographs once again and handed them over to his agent.

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