Assam beats Jammu and Kashmir in terror related deaths

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Bengaluru, Dec 28: It would take more than a national sentiment to get rid of the menace called terrorism in Assam.

The latest statistic is a telling picture of the same and Assam has beaten Jammu and Kashmir in terms of terror related deaths.


The recent massacre of the adivasis only added to the number of deaths in Assam thus surging ahead of Jammu and Kashmir.

Asssam has witnessed 423 deaths in the past two years when compared to the 378 in Jammu and Kashmir.

It is clear from this statistic that the number of deaths in terror related incidents surged following the recent Assam massacre.

Security experts say that in the days to come Assam would see a rise in violence. The Indian army is on the offensive and there is expected to be retaliation.

It would take more than just an offensive to curb anti talk wings such as the ULFA and the NFDB (S). These groups have been formed only to disrupt all sort of peace talks.

The same approach that the Indian government has taken in Jammu and Kashmir should take in Assam as well.

The borders along Assam need to be sealed and countries such as Myanmar and Bangladesh should be told to participate more in curbing terror problems.

It has been seen that the Assam problem is emerging more out of Myanmar and groups such as the Jaish-e-Mohammad and the Lashkar-e-Tayiba have set up base to capitalize on the tussle between the Rohingya Muslims and the Buddhists.

The Rohingya Muslim issue if not curbed will snow ball further as like the Bangladesh immigrant problem.

There are already signs of the Rohingya Muslims entering into India.

In a recent case at Hyderabad one Rohingya Muslim was arrested for his alleged connection with the Burdwan blasts.

Statistics would reveal that the problem of the NFDB (S) and ULFA is gradually overtaking the problem in Jammu and Kashmir. Ironically after Islamic terror it is the naxal problem that is worrying the Indian agencies.

Chhattisgarh in particular has seen 254 deaths in naxalite attacks in the past two years. The naxal menace has already contributed to 6400 deaths since the past 7 years, according to statistics available.

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