Facebook Talk Live with Arvind Kejriwal: Will continue to respect Anna

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Arvind Kejriwal
New Delhi, March 4: In the Facebook Talk Show with Madhu Trehan, Arvind Kejriwal opened up on various issues related to his 'dharna' and 49 days of chief ministrialship. Get a clearer picture of the man hitting the FB  fan page to close to 1.6 million.

8:56 pm: Interview ends

8:43 pm: "We did reply to Anna's 17 points, but we did that verbally as he did not send me an official letter. I and my associates met him confirming that we accept all his points." Him supporting Mamata Banerjee is his personal choice.

8:40 pm: Why did he resign? Kejriwal explains that without the Janlokpal Bill, it was not possible to govern. The bureaucrats were behind the turning down of the Bill as money was laundered across tables. Speaking of the positive results from the hidden spy recording by common man, Kejriwal said that these measures were not possible in high-level offices as both the giver of bribe and the taker are beneficiaries.

8:38 pm: Averted question on Anna supporting Mamata Banerjee when he had said that he would not endorse a political party when AAP was formed. Kejriwal said it was his "bad luck". We have taken Anna very seriously and continue to respect him.

8:35 pm: On questioning on 'uniform code of law', Kejriwal said that India is a diversified country and a code of law does not hold good for every state.

8:15 pm: Justified his dharna saying that the police was in collusion with the criminals. States the example of the Danish women's rape case and that of the dowry death where the SHO refused to arrest the culprits and take responsibility. In fact, the SHO in the second case threatened Women and Child welfare minister, saying he would see who transfers him if he didn't arrest the culprit.

8:10 pm: Kejriwal starts answering questions related to women safety and crime rate in Delhi.

8:00 am: Madhu Trehan introduces Arvind Kejriwal.

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