Kejriwal Shocker: Bungalow twists exposed Delhi CM's double standard?

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New Delhi, Feb 5: Double standard of Arvind Kejriwal, who projects himself as a leader of aam-aadmi (common man), seems to have been exposed. According to media reports, the Delhi CM had sought two luxury bungalows for himself within 48 hours of his swearing in.

According to Times Now reports, a few documents showed that Kejriwal's bungalow drama was all but his making, all along he claimed that he was allotted two bungalows next to each other in a posh Delhi locality. But in reality - it was the Delhi CM who had sought those two big five bedroom houses in Delhi's Bhagwan Das Road.

It was not allotted to him, rather he demanded two luxury bungalows for himself

Earlier Kejriwal claimed that he would move to the new bungalow in Delhi but later he had changed his mind and moved to comparatively a small house. Kejriwal's sudden change in his decision regarding his bungalow was a result of public ire citing his luxurious bungalows which does not go with his aam-aadmi image.

Now the documents, which contradicted to Kejriwal's previous statements, created a new controversy. While anti-AAP people called him "hypocrite", his supporters tried to find reason(s) behind his move of demanding bungalows for himself.

Social activist Medha Patkar, who recently expressed her support for AAP, said, "The intention is not to be doubted. As CM, Arvind Kejriwal realised they would require a number of facilities."

Meanwhile, Congress leader Amrita Dhawan said, "People are realizing Arvind Kejriwal's constant and consistent u-turns now."

BJP leader Siddharth Nath Singh said, "There is a public posturing of Arvind Kejriwal, behind that is a VIP greed." One former IAS officer Arun Bhatia said, "One house is justified, it's not lavish living. Let Arvind kejriwal explain why he wanted the second house."

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