Are students mature enough to avoid bad politics?

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Bengaluru, March 15: Though there are deliberations on lifting the ban on students' union elections in the state of Karnataka at the government level, the state has not yet come out with a decision yet.

A decade back, the ban was imposed on election process inside the campus citing caste politics, descending of Rowdy elements during the election, using students' unions as tool for vote bank by the political parties, among other reasons.

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The academic domain is also opposed to the idea of union election as it is concerned about the peace inside the campus. There were instances seldom, of violence erupting inside the college campuses during elections. 

A professor from a well known university says though the idea of election is good, the cancer of dirty politics has spread even inside the campus disrupting constructive academic activities. During election time, students bunk classes to campaign for their favourite student leaders which later affect the education of the students.

The registrar of SDM college Ujire, Dr P N Uday Chandra despite being no averse to students politics, he is more worried about disproportionate involvement of political parties, which they exercise to further 'party agenda'. "I was a part of students' union during student days, back in 83 and 84. But then the involvement of political parties was marginal and the unions were genuinely resolving the problems of students," he recalled.

The students union elections invigorate the democratic process but too much involvement of political parties derail the very purpose of elections. It is good if the government decides to lift the ban on union elections, but whether the students are matured enough to distance itself from political parties is a question, Chandra pointed.

Another professor opines, political parties fund students' unions to bear the expenses of elections. This is in line of general practice that has been prevalent outside. However, the spendings are also alloted for liquor and petty brawls. While the democracy as a system is making full efforts to quell such practices, bringing back union elections is not a good move as students are very much prone to such ill activities, he added.

On Tuesday, March 15, many students' outfits taking out a massive march in capital city Bengaluru, and main demand includes lifting of ban on students' union elections. Vaishak, a student of St Josephs College speaking to OneIndia said the rally besides demanding justice for Rohith Vemula, Ummar Khalid and Anirban Bhattacharya would raise the issue of students union elections.

"Every time we cannot go and talk to the management for organising events, be it any form. A need for the students union is imminent in a time when democratic spaces are crushed, Vaishak opines. He added election process would enhance leadership qualities and strengthen democracy.

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