Another government diktat in place; Compulsory attendance for Bureaucrats on I-Day

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New Delhi, Aug 5: The bureaucrats of the Indian Cabinet now have another reason to be upset about. In a recent mandate circulated by the government, officials in Delhi will have to be present at the Red Fort this Independence Day where PM Narendra Modi will be hoisting the national flag and delivering a speech.

The circular says,"a serious view would be taken of their absence on this occasion." Incidentally, ever since the formation of the new government, bureaucrats and cabinet officials have begun putting in extra hours of work including Sundays. PM Modi himself follows a very disciplined life-sleeping for 4-5 hours, practicing Yoga and coming to office on time.

Narendra Modi

Following this, he has brought multiple diktats to get babus to work sincerely-be it coming to office on time, surprise checks, working on national holidays etc. Rumors have it that the babus were very unhappy when they had to report to work even on Gandhi Jayanti for 'Swachch Abhiyan' launch.

Indeed! Modi's catchline: "Na sota hoon na sone deta hoon" is now taking a toll on his ministers. Nevertheless, that seems to be the call of the time.

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