Another 26/11-like attack likely in Mumbai? Auto-driver overhears terror plot, alerts police

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Mumbai, Oct 12: An auto-driver in Mumbai reportedly alerted Mumbai Police regarding a possible 26/11 -like terror attack which may shatter the country once again.

The auto-driver on Friday, Oct 9 went to a police station and reportedly informed cops that he overheard three of his passengers who were probably discussing about a terror plot in the city.

Terrorism in India

The Mumbai Police did not take any risk and informed Anti Terror Squad (ATS) and Crime Branch about the driver. Concerned officials rushed to the police station and began questioning the driver.

An ATS officer informed that the driver had worked in Malaysia for four years. Hence, he understood the conversations of the three passengers who were speaking in Malay language.

The three passengers reportedly were in touch with a man through mobile phone. The three of them also spoke a Punjabi dialect mixed with Urdu, informed the officer.

Speaking about the driver's version, the officer was quoted as saying, "He told us his suspicion turned into conviction when he heard one of them say 'Kaam hone ke baad family ko bhi sambhal lenge. Kuch nahi hoga, aaka hai. Qasab ke family ko bhi sambhaal rahe hai na' (After the work is done we will take care of your family. Don't worry, Aaka is there. We have been taking care of Qasab's family as well)."

After interrogating the driver, the ATS officers made sketches of two suspects. They have alerted their informers who have been trying to nab the suspects.

Many search operations were conducted at several parts of the city and adjacent areas. All restaurants, hotels, lodges and slum areas have been searched.

26/11 Mumbai terror attacks was one of the most horrible terror attacks in India. 10 LeT terrorists had carried out a series of 12 coordinated shooting and bombing attacks lasting four days across Mumbai.

More than 160 people were dead and over 300 were injured during the terror attacks. Ajmal Kasab was the sole terrorist who was caught alive. Later he was hanged to death in 2012, four years after the infamous 2008 Mumbai terror attacks.

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