Terrorism Shocker: al-Qaeda, ISIS may attack foreign nationals in India, say IB sources

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Bangalore, Oct 17: Since Sept 4 there have been three alerts regarding a possible al-Qaeda strike in India. However the latest one has been termed Grade A by the intelligence agencies who also do not rule out the possibility of the al-Qaeda and the ISIS coming together and striking India.

al-Qaeda and ISIS may join hands:

While the coming together of the two groups is in retaliation to the allied strikes on them in Iraq and Syria, the, target in india would be the foreigners especially British and us nationals IB sources informed.

High alerts have to be sounded in Goa and Rajasthan which are major tourist destinations. The two groups will try and target these nationals too the IB has warned.

Terror attacks likely during Diwali:

Further concerns of an attack by terror groups during Diwali have also been sounded. The entire nation will have to be on very high alert during this period because there are several groups which are trying to claim supremacy in India.

‎Bangalore, Goa and Rajasthan face the highest threat from the al-Qaeda which will come together with the ISIS to carry out a strike.

Terror Groups Carried Out surveys for last 6 years:

These terror groups have ample details on the various locations in these places as their associates have surveyed targets here several times in the past 6 years.

Goa was surveyed extensively by the Lashkar-e-Tayiba and they had intended carrying out a series of car blasts in 2008.

However that plan was aborted after their operative was arrested. However details of the targets of Goa and Bangalore were already shared with their handlers who still have access to the information.

Bangalore was surveyed by ISI's Colombo wing:

Bangalore was once again surveyed by the ISI's Colombo wing along with targets in Chennai as well. The module was busted after the arrest of Arun Selvarajan who told the police he shared details of several targets in Bangalore and Chennai.

With regard to Rajasthan, it was the Indian Mujahideen (IM) which provided the input. Tehsin Akthar who was arrested recently told the cops that they were planning an attack on the palace on wheels which catered to foreign tourists.

He said they were out to target Americans. Officers say that these attacks may not have gone through but the information had been shared and all their handlers have this information along with logistics and maps with them.

Terror groups often collect information and are ready to wait for years to carry out an attack as was seen in the David Headley case.

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