Al Huda: Radicalising women to hate India, hate the West more

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The San Bernardino incident that claimed the lives of 14 in California was a shocker and also tells a scary picture about the extent of radicalisation that has taken place.

The investigations into this case has led to the Al Huda institute at Karachi and it is said that Tashfeen Malik was part of this radical school.


Tafsheen and her husband Syed Rizwan killed 14 persons at California recently. It has been found that Tafsheen had in the year 2013 completed an 18 month course at the Al Huda institute.

Investigators believe that this could have been where Tafsheen may have been radicalised.

What is the Al Huda institute:

The Al Huda institute based in Karachi is run by Farhat Hashmi. Founded in the year 1994, this institute has been accused of radicalising scores of women, a charge which is denied by Farhat who claims that only a very moderate version of Islam is taught in this school.

It has, however, been argued that the Al Huda which has various branches across the world including US and Canada has been propagating a very radical school of Islam.

They term Osama bin Laden as an Islamic warrior and Instances where activities linked to the al-Qaeda have been found in offices of the Al Huda.

Investigations against the Al Huda have never been carried out in Pakistan and this could be to do with the fact that the institute has been imparting teachings to the wives of a number of army officials in Pakistan.

Hate India, hate the West more:

The Al Huda has been targeting all its resources against both the West and India. The problem that the Al Huda has with India is with regard to the culture.

Al Huda feels that there is too much liberalisation of women in India which is not good.

The same ideology is shared in the case of the West as well. The Al Huda has been particularly harsh even on Pakistani women who are liberalised.

In one of the speeches Farhat had even said that the 2005 earthquake was a result of women being involved in immoral activities.

However, the chances of this organisation being investigated or audited is very less. It is largely to do with the fact that the wives of the who is who in Pakistan are part of this school.

There are also allegations that the Al Huda has been radicalising scores of women and even wanted to take the battle up to France.

Now, with the San Bernardino incident having an Al Huda link, it is to be seen what the US would have to say about it.

The link may be very small as of now, but it is worth finding more as the organisation has been accused of radicalising scores of Muslim women across the world.

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