Akhilesh Yadav opens up on TV: Will hold Cong hand when they are weak

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Akhilesh Yadav
Lucknow, March 6: Controversial SP leader and Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Akhilesh Yadav speaks on the present government and the future of India.

8:00 pm: On what are the top 3 challenges that India faces, he says-socialism, secularism and international relations are the points to be highlighted. The government should be inclusive, including the farmers and every one.

He also said that there were various schemes with the present government, but that was not inclusive. There should be economic development as well as secularism. BJP cannot stand a chance on the top position because it is not secular.

8:05 pm: Says there are controversies around BJP's role in Gujarat riots and there have been controversies surrounding it. Not with Muzaffarnagar, because had called for the army to stop the violence.

8:08 pm: Says Congress has been there for 10 years and has given the maximum number of PMs but has not been able to deliver proportionately. Will focus on Third Front-no NDA no UPA. I think India has the best form of governance through democracy but we are not utilising it properly.

8:10 pm: Talking about the economy of Uttar Pradesh, he said that there is no district in UP that does not have it own economy. On question of weavers suffering, he said the UP government is taking small efforts to uplift them.

8:13 pm: SP is trying to stub corruption. There are policies and online schemes that do not give a scope of corruption. Skilled development programs, Vidya dhan applications for the people to curb corruption.

8:18 pm: I do not understand Social Media. People can say a lot of things about our distributing laptops also. Look at Muzaffarnagar, what the MMS has done.

8:22 pm: Atiq Ahmed was given ticket, but, he has a lot of corruption charges on him, but he has popularity among the people. So, the ticket was given. The government that has charged him with offences has faked it sometimes. So, we are not here to judge him.

8:33 pm: Major policies for women and children-education-wise, etc. Victims of rape in the Muzaffarnagar riots have been compensated and FIR were filed through cameras since they could not go.

How do you change the 'machismo' prevalent in UP? People have to be fine-tuned to respect women.

8:39 pm: Unless we address the problems of farmers, a country cannot progress. Most of the countries in the world progress as they focus on agriculture.

8:40 pm: On youth in politics, he said that experience counts. We should be with the experienced and apply their experience in politics.

On Mulayam's chiding Akhilesh Yadav, he said that he is for the country first and then a father.

8:44 pm: Holding 69 portfolios by the family members includes a lots of tension. But we have been sorting issues, but no one talks about that.

8:47 pm: UP is becoming a target for all. No one is talking about the AAP-BJP clashes, but even the smallest clash comes under scrutiny in UP.

8:55 pm: 3 medical colleges have been increased, 500 MBBS seats have been increased. Expressways have been increased. Laptop distribution is just one of it.

8:56 pm: Justifying SAIFAI, he said that media gives incomplete information. Nobody speaks of Salman Khan's donation for a heart patient. SAIFAI is a fair where small cottage industries are encouraged, nobody spoke of that.

8:59 pm: When Congress would be in its weakest phase, we would be their strongest alliance.

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