AirAsia tragedy: How a selfie revealed that her brother was no more

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Bangalore, Jan 5: A 25 year old woman was struck with reality about her brother after she received a selfie of her brother and his three friends, just moments after the plane went down.

Yunita Syawal got to know about the missing plane when a friend of her brother forwarded her a picture that he received. This was of Hendra Gunawan Syawal, who stopped a few minutes before boarding the plane for a selfie with his friends.


Yunita, however was still suspicious and she called home for confirmation and her worst fears came true. She immideately flew back to Surabaya. She and his brother ran a logistics business in Surabaya and kept in close touch with each other through phone. In fact, each of them knew where the other was and what were their travel plans.

Strangely, travelling to Singapore for a New Year bash was never mentioned to Yunita when she spoke to her brother the previous day.

That was not all, a rude shock was awaiting her when she reached home-the plane could not be traced and neither its passengers.

After 6 days of torturous waiting, Hendra's body was finally brought in a coffin. It did not take Yunita to recognise her brother as he had shared his picture with a newly-cropped hairstyle the previous day. That is when his family came to terms with the reality that "he is no more".

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