AgustaWestland: Flouting of no middleman pact will help CBI establish bribery charges

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Bengaluru, May 9: The Central Bureau of Investigation has written to Italy seeking copies of the pact that AgustaWestland entered into with the middlemen.

For the CBI accessing these pacts are extremely important in order to establish bribery charges in this case.


The reason why these pacts become important is because as per the agreement of February 2010, it was decided that no middlemen shall be deployed in this deal. If that was the case what were so many middlemen doing in this deal, the CBI has questioned.

There was no reason for middlemen to be deployed as per the pacts, the CBI has also alleged.

No middlemen as per agreement:

Although it was clearly stated that no middlemen shall be deployed, it became clear from the investigations that the likes of James Christian Michel, Guido Haschke among other walked the corridors of power at New Delhi. Each one of them had entered into a pact with AgustaWestland through companies floated by them.

The idea was to suggest that these middlemen were charging a fee for advise. However this was not the case and the role played by the middlemen became clear during the investigations. Not only did they get in touch with top officials and politicians but also media houses to ensure that the deal was swung in their favour.

The CBI has sought for these documents from Italy. These documents will help the CBI nail the middlemen and also establish that AgustaWestland had deployed these persons only with an intention of bribing the powerful to ensure that the deal swung in their favour.

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