AgustaWestland- 6 nations mum, time for govt to flex muscles

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New Delhi, May 12: It is now time for the Government of India to flex its muscles and get the crucial information that the CBI and ED have been seeking from seven countries regarding the AgustaWestland case.

Despite Letters Rogatory being sent to seven countries only one (Italy) has responded to the same.


The case under investigation since 2013 probing the kick backs received to push the Rs 3,600 crore VVIP chopper deal can move forward only if the six countries respond and assist with the investigations concerning the money trail.

The countries that India has sought assistance from are the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Switzerland, Tunisia, Mauritius and Italy. So far only Italy has responded to the Letter Rogatory.

Time for some serious measures:

The Union Government has said that it is serious about the probe. First of all there has been a considerable amount of delay in this probe. When the probe was launched there were allegations that both the CBI and ED were slow.

However, now with the government stating that this will not turn out like another Bofors, the CBI and the ED appear to be speeding up the probe.

However, the CBI claims that the probe relating to Indian angle is almost complete. But the probe appears to be stuck in a loop with absolutely no information coming from the six countries.

These countries have been reminded several times apart from sending Letters Rogatory. It is now for the Ministry of External Affairs to push these countries through diplomatic channels and secure the information that the agencies have been asking for.

ED may visit some countries:

A team of the Enforcement Directorate will by June visit Singapore to secure details regarding the case. Singapore has not responded to India's request for details. The ED had found a money trail leading up to Singapore as well.

While Singapore has not responded to India's request, it has however given permission for a visit by the ED team. In Singapore, the money was transferred to a company called the Windsor Group.

This company had got money allegedly from Interstellar Technologies in Mauritius which was floated by middlemen Carlo Gerosa and Guido Haschke. The amount in question is alleged to be 2.4 million dollars.

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