After Tanzanian is attacked panic message does the rounds

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Bengaluru, Feb 5: As the investigations into the incident involving an assault on a Tanzanian national gets underway, there is already a panic SMS doing the rounds.

Thanks to this message that is being circulated among the African students, most of them are skipping college today. The message warns that they need to be on guard till Saturday as the locals are planning to attack them.

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Tanzanian attacked: SMS spreads panic

The police have said that this is just an attempt to cause panic and there is nothing to worry about. For the colleges and especially the administration at the Acharya College where the Tanzanian victim is a student this is a new headache to deal with. The students have requested the college authorities to postpone the internal examination.

The college authorities have however decided to go ahead with the internal tests. However the college also adds that the internal tests for the African students will be conducted separately.

They will today visit the homes of the students to assure them that there is nothing to worry about. The police too said that they are taking all measures to ensure that no untoward incident is reported.

A team from the Ministry for External Affairs and a Tanzanian envoy too would visit Bengaluru today to speak with the students. This is a confidence building exercise to assure the students that they are safe in the city.

The Central government has also urged the Karnataka government to conduct a thorough probe and also ensure that no such incident takes place in future.

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