After Rahul Gandhi, Narendra Modi may face EC wrath, complaint filed

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Narendra Modi
New Delhi, Nov 10: After Rahul Gandhi, Narendra Modi may face the wrath of Election Commission (EC) as Congress filed a complaint against the PM candidate of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Demanding action against the Gujarat CM, the Congress moved the EC complaining against Modi's controversial remarks in which he compared Congress with "khooni panja (bloody palm)" and "zaalim hath (cruel hand)".

"The use of the expression khooni panja is extremely significant and deplorable and has an effect of terrorizing the public at large against Congress," the party said.

The party also sent a DVD of Mr Modi's speech at Dongargarh in Chhattisgarh on Thursday where he had made the remarks, as well as clippings of a newspaper report.

The use of the expression khooni panja is extremely significant

"The tone, tenor and language used by him (Modi) apparently shows that he has intentionally and deliberately used abusive words and remarks. The code permits criticism of other political parties confining to their policies and programme, their past record of work, but the statement made by him is not a criticism as contemplated under this clause but he is using intemperate language which is also malicious and defamatory.

"He even goes on to criticize the Congress party based on unverified allegations, rather deliberately he has distorted the facts to mislead and misrepresent to the public at large.

"Since this programme was also televised by the electronic media, these statements made by him were also shown in different parts of the country," said KC Mittal, Secretary of Congress's legal department.

The party's complaint to the Election Commission comes days after the BJP had complained to the poll watchdog against Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi's "ISI" remarks over the victims of the communal violence in UP's Muzaffarnagar which had sparked a huge political controversy.

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