After losing one of their own, this is how Indian armed forces hit Pakistan

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The Indian army had promised the strongest of action after a soldier was killed and his body mutilated by terrorists. The terrorists managed to escape thanks to the cover fire provided by the Pakistan army. Four outposts opposite the Keran sector along the Line of Control were hit and destroyed even before the Pakistanis knew what had struck them.

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For the Indian army hitting and destroying these four outposts was really important as they were being used to help terrorists infiltrate into India. Hitting these posts was always part of the plan, but the operation was fast tracked.

Officials privy to the operation tell OneIndia that there are seven outposts which have been set up by Pakistan to facilitate infiltration. As terrorists would infiltrate, the Pakistan army would provide cross-fire. The officer said that the four camps which came under their radar were hit with mortars.

Taking the enemy by surprise:

There was a gradual build up and it was decided that these posts had to be destroyed. At first the armed forces launched a major assault on the Pakistan outposts. This took them by surprise because they had not expected such a heavy reaction in less such a short span of time.

All data relating to these outposts were there with the armed forces. It was an operation which would have taken some more time. However after the armed forces saw what the Pakistanis did to one of their own, it was decided that the operation would be fast tracked.

After launching a major assault, the Indian armed forces used rocket launchers. Further the use of the flat projectile weapon system was also put into use to hit the enemy. The key to the operation was the element of surprise. Officers say that there are three more such posts that remain which are aimed at aiding infiltration and these would be destroyed soon.

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