Afsha Jabeen not directly linked to ISIS: Investigation

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Hyderabad, Sep 24: The investigations being conducted by the Hyderabad police against Afsha Jabeen alias Nicky Joseph have revealed that she was acting on her own.

The police have found that she had no direct link with the ISIS leadership and was only running pages on the social media trying to motivate youth.


Afsha Jabeel who was alleged to have run a recruitment camp for the ISIS was recently deported to Hyderabad from the UAE.

The police had suspected that she was one of the recruiters for the dreaded terror group.

An officer part of the investigation informed OneIndia that there is nothing to suggest that she was in touch with the ISIS leadership. She has been acting suo-motu and was running a debate group, Islam vs Christianity.

What have the police found?

The police have for now ruled out the possibility of Afsha being in touch with any ISIS leaders. She was acting on her own.

While scanning through her social media accounts, it was found that she was however involved in motivating youth and also radicalizing a few.

However these are extremely difficult charges to substantiate and would be need more investigation.

The police would however rely heavily on the Salman Mohiudeen case. It was alleged that Salman was in touch with Afsha and wanted to join the ISIS.

It was further alleged that Salman wanted to marry Afsha and leave for Syria with her. While this would be a key point for the investigators, it was also found on the other hand that Afsha had refused to go to Syria with Salman.

After his arrest in Hyderabad when he was trying to leave for Syria, he took the name of Afsha which eventually led up to her deportation from the UAE.

Afsha was deported from the UAE recently to Hyderabad.

It was alleged that she was recruiting youth for the ISIS at the behest of the outfit. However now it is found that she was not in touch with any leader of the ISIS.

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