Afghan-pak intelligence agreement failing: Here is why

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New Delhi, June 30: The so-called historic agreement between spy agencies of Afghanistan and Pakistan is falling like a pack of cards.

The much touted agreement which was stage managed by the United Kingdom, according to Indian Intelligence agencies is most likely not to go through.

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India would be relieved if this agreement does not go through.

Why Afghan-pak agreement failing

However in Pakistan there is a realization that this deal is falling apart and they have already started blaming India's anti Pakistan lobby for the same.

It is not the lobby, it is the lack of trust:
After the Afghanistan Parliament attack, a team of officials from Pakistan travelled with some forensic evidence and handed it over to the officials of the NDS (Afghan spy agency).

Pakistan claims that it was this evidence produced by them which helped Afghanistan make headway in the investigation into the Pakistan attack.

However India calls this as a hog wash and even says in lighter vein, that since Pakistan is the one which staged that attack, it is bound to have the forensic evidence readily available. However on a serious note, there is a complete lack of trust for Pakistan among the members of the NDS.

The NDS is aware that the primary enemy of their nation would continue to be the Taliban and the ISI has nothing in their scheme of things to target this group.

However as per the pact, the primary group that the ISI would want to target is the Tehrik-e-Taliban. Pakistan views the TTP as its biggest threat and this is one group just refuses to tow their line inspite of them creating it in the first place.

Agreement was on a faulty assumption:

National Security Advisor, Ajit Doval informed that the agreement was not in the right spirit. It was on a faulty assumption.

The NSA says that it was assumed that India influences Afghanistan to malign Pakistan. However the fact of the matter is that many groups in Afghanistan have plenty of reservations about the ISI as it has continued to secretly supported the Taliban.

Indian security experts also point out that for Afghanistan which is trying to bounce back to normalcy, Taliban is the core of the problem.

However the ISI seems to exclude it from the scheme of things and chooses to target only the TTP. The elders in the tribal belts of Afghanistan have clearly told the NDS that the crux of the problem is the ISI sponsored Taliban and hence there would be no local support to the government if it sides with Pakistan.

The strangest part of the deal was that the NDS would not bad mouth the ISI in case of a terrorist strike. This would mean that each time the ISI orchestrated a Taliban led attack, the NDS would have no choice but to blame India or anyother country for it.

However hours after the Afghanistan Parliament attack, Hassib Sediiqqi, the spokesperson of the Afghan intelligence alleged that the ISI had helped the attackers.

Pakistan would try harder:

Although this agreement has all the makings of a disaster as it all set to fall flat, Pakistan would still give it one more chance. It has started towing a softer line of approach towards Afghanistan.

It addresses Afghanistan as a brother nation and says that they share a common problem in terrorism.

Pakistan says it is committed to the agreement and it had to go through failing which the Afghan president would lose his credibility. India on the other hand is sure that this deal will not go through.

How can it go through when the basic question of trust is lacking. Sharing of intelligence is all about trust, Indian officials say.

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