Abu Jundal: The man who knows too much

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New Delhi, July 9: The National Investigating Agency telling a Delhi court that 26/11 accused Abu Jundal alias Zabiuddin Ansari could be assassinated comes as no surprise. After all he is the most crucial link in the case who was part of the inner circle of the Lashkar-e-Tayiba and the ISI which planned the 26/11 attack.

In fact Jundal had also donned the role of a Hindi tutor to Ajmal Kasab and the rest. Jundal who operated out of Pakistan had moved to Saudi a few years back.

Abu Jundal: The man who knows too much

The extradition of Jundal was being sought by both Pakistan and India. However India managed to get the better of Pakistan and finally extradited him.

What does Abu Jundal know?

To put in simple words, Abu Jundal knows a lot. His complete interrogation report in possession of OneIndia makes several points which goes on to show how close he was to the ISI.

I was in touch with two ISI operatives who exclusively handle the India desk. Right from the recruitment to the operations stage there are always two high-ranking officers in charge of the Indian operatives. I used to report to Colonel Mohammad and Lt Colonel Asad of the ISI.

There are many Indians in the Lashkar, but I was among the very few who was chosen for this operation. The other Indians are Lal Baba, Abu Musab, Abu Sherjil and Abu Jarar. Musab hails from Kashmir while the other two are from Maharashtra.

The Karachi control room

Jundal speaks extensively about the control room in Karachi which was set up during the 26/11 attack. He says that the control room comprised several members including Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi and several other ISI officers.

The control room was destroyed immediately after the attack came to a close, Jundal says. The ISI had apprehensions that the Indian agencies may hit at Karachi and hence the control room was immediately destroyed.

Jundal also speaks about the jubilation in the Karachi control room after the 26 attack. There was jubilation that the attack and immediately after that the control room was destroyed.

The intention post the attack was to ensure that none of the members in the core team came under the radar of the international agencies, especially India.

Lakhvi and Hafiz Saeed were placed under arrest only as a preventive measure. They were whisked away into safe homes and placed under arrest of course with adequate security from the Pakistan establishment.

26/11 not the end, but the beginning

For the ISI the 26/11 attack was meant to do wonders. Not only were they trying to catch the Indian establishment by its horns, but also ensure that the ongoing Karachi Project aimed at widespread destruction in India got the necessary boost.

For the Karachi Project to be a success, it was necessary for the ISI to continue nurturing the home grown Indian Mujahideen. Jundal who hails from Beed in Maharashtra says that they were focusing on building up the Indian Mujahideen.

We proposed to set up the maximum number of modules in Gujarat. My primary focus was always Gujarat, Jundal says.

The Gujarat module was however beaten down and hence the Lashkar decided that it needs to get into this state in a big way only to aid the Indian Mujahideen. I was looking for an army of 1000 members. This army was not meant to carry out just routine bomb blasts. We wanted blasts with an impact, Jundal says.

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