AAP sends the voters a word of gratitude

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AAP sends the voters a word of gratitude
Bangalore, Dec 9: Here is a press release sent by Aam Aadmi Party, after they registered a stunning victory in Delhi elections:

Aam Aadmi Party would like to thank people of Delhi for reposing faith and voting for not just our party but for the cause of clean politics and good governance.

People of Delhi had the option to choose between an "alternate" and a "substitute" and we are happy that about 30% of voters have voted for an alternate.

This is not a victory just for AAP, but for every citizen of India who believes in clean politics and good governance.

The results provide all of us hope that "change" is possible and that people believe that our young democracy needs to evolve and become more participative.

In his address in Delhi today, AAP's national convenor Arvind Kejriwal stressed on the fact that the common man contesting on party's ticket with honest and true intentions have defeated established heavyweights.

Common man like Dharmendra Koli, Rakhi Birla, Akhilesh Pati Tripathi and others have demonstrated that politics can be done with true and honest intentions.

Arvind Kejriwal said that these are historic results between honest and true politics vs corrupt politics.

In his address, Arvind Kejriwal thanked thousands of volunteers across India and globe who worked for months to ensure party's victory.

Arvind also said that party will neither support nor seek support from any other party. AAP will play the role of constructive opposition.

Victory for AAP is not just about seats. We did not get into politics for power but to change the existing systems and provide an alternative of participative democracy, inclusive growth and ensure basic right to life for citizens of our country. In this regard we have had a number of victories

Changing the agenda - BJP was forced to change CM candidate to Harshvardhan to compete with the clean image of Arvind Kejriwal.

BJP tried to copy AAP in most aspects of their campaign including trying to make constituency wise manifesto's. While AAP prepared 70 manifestos BJP was able to make only 3.

Both parties tried to give tickets to youth and candidates with a clean image. AAP had only 7% candidates with criminal cases that too cases related to Andolan and civil disobedience. Other 2 parties had close to 50% candidates with criminal many of which were serious charges including Corruption, rape, kidnap and murder.
Making politics issue based: For many years BJP being in opposition did not raise issues regarding electricity tariffs , water supply and corruption, it was only after AAP raised these issues that BJP followed .

Youth and Volunteerism in politics: AAP has managed to inspire thousands of youth to participate and volunteer for politics, by making politics an honest and noble option. This augurs well for the future of politics in our country

AAP has proven that elections can be fought and won honestly without use of money for buying votes, removing aspects like religion, caste, money and muscle power.
AAP will continue to work towards participatory democracy irrespective of the seats, because we are answerable to the people of this country and people of Delhi in particular who supported AAP.

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