AAP refused to cooperate, says Delhi Police in FIR

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New Delhi, April 23: Contrary to the claims made by the Aam Admi Party that the police were to blame for the suicide of the farmer Gajendra Singh, the Delhi Police in their first information report have blamed the party for non-cooperation.

In the FIR that has been filed by the Delhi police into the incident it states that there was no cooperation by the Aam Admi Party during the rally held at Jantar Mantar.

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Farmer suicide: Delhi Police files FIR

Crowds could not be controlled due to small venue

The Delhi police have also repeatedly pointed out that the crowd of 20,000 was too large for Jantar Mantar. An event of this nature should have been held at a larger ground and not at Jantar Mantar which has the capacity to hold 5000 people.

Further the Delhi Police have accused the party of non-cooperation and make a clear point that the rally never had the permission to be held at Jantar Mantar. Delhi police officials informed OneIndia that further angles to the incident are also under probe.

However the first priority would be to set the record straight regarding the venue and also the permission which was not accorded to hold a rally at Jantar Mantar.

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Did AAP abet the suicide?

The Delhi Police FIR on Gajendra Singh also claims that the Aam Admi Party had abated the suicide of Gajendra Singh. Cases under the provisions of the Indian Penal Code amounting to abetment of suicide has been filed by the Delhi Police.

The investigations into the abetment angle is being probed. The various aspects that led to Gajendra Singh reaching New Delhi allegedly at the behest of AAP leaders is also being probed. It appears to be a case of abetment, an officer informed.

Further the Delhi police is also verifying the claims made by various friends and family members of Gajendra Singh who have clearly stated that he had not gone to Delhi to commit suicide.

An account of his aunt states that he had told her to put on the television in ten minutes and also said that he would join her for lunch the following day.

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