AAP's next move: Overhauling edu, prioritising students with merit

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Manish Sisodia
New Delhi, Jan 9: Expressing concern over the education system in Delhi, education minister Manish Sisodia said that college admission for Delhi students is his priority. Hence, the minister plans 90% seat reservation for local students in DU-affiliated colleges.

"If people of Delhi are funding these colleges, don't they have a right to benefit from them? While thousands from across the country come and study in DU, our students are forced to go outside. The previous government had also planned on doing something about it, but nothing happened. We are determined to push this through," Sisodia said.

However, "merit would not be ignored", he ensured. And in doing so, he said that the government is planning for scholarships for eligible students.

He further added,"Each year, more than 2.65 lakh students pass out from schools in Delhi, but only 90,000 get admission in Delhi colleges. I want to create a roadmap for the remaining 1.75 lakh students."

Other universities may face the heat now as Sisodia may also crackdown upon universities that do not function properly and those that have dodgy affiliations.

"If one university is running 110 colleges, how can it provide any quality? We plan to crackdown on such big universities and check their credentials," he said, probably mentioning the IP University without mentioning it.

Speaking on exorbitant and wrongful donations in educational institutes, he said,"A lot of posts in major colleges and universities are lying vacant. We are being asked to fill them. But we want to create a procedure first - one that will ensure that no-one can get backdoor entry because of contacts and nepotism. That's also how our universities will get the best talent."

Addressing the common allegation of Universities turning into a profitable business, he said,"Universities make crores by selling forms and prospectuses. Very soon, we'll have one common admission form, preferably online."

A council for higher education is also likely to be in place soon. "Planning Commission guidelines call for every state to create a council of higher education - a monitoring agency that can advise the minister on various issues. A lot of states have it, but Delhi doesn't. States which have such councils are liable to receive substantial funding from the Planning Commission, something we don't want to miss out on," he said.

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