Internal war in AAP: Know about 7 resolutions Yogendra Yadav may move against Kejriwal in NC meet

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New Delhi, March 28: People may not have thought till one month ago that Aam Aadmi Party whom they supported overwhelmingly in Delhi Assembly election , will become like this. It seems rift within the party is getting nastier day by day and crisis will not get over soon.

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In the backdrop of ongoing crisis which has reached crescendo in recent times, party is conducting crucial Crucial National Council (NC) meet on Saturday. 

NC meet: Resolutions against Kejriwal

In the meeting, fate of two founding members Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav will be decided. Reportedly both the leaders who have waged war against Arvind Kejriwal and his loyalists, may be sacked from the party.

What will happen in the meting?

Members of National Council (NC) and other office-bearers of different wings of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has decided to move seven resolutions, most of them mirroring the demands made by dissident leaders Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav.

An informal meeting of AAP NC members held at YMCA was attended by almost 75 members and other office-bearers and came out with a 7-point "agenda" that would be put forward tomorrow when the National Council meets today.

"After two hours of meeting, we came to conclusion that there are at least seven points that would need first and foremost attention during the meeting," said an NC member urging not to mention his name.

1. "First- AAP should be brought in the ambit of RTI voluntarily.

2. Second- CurrentLokpal of the party Admiral Ramdas should chair the meeting.

3. Third- AAP should constitute a committee to work on the lines of Election Commission including the selection of candidates.

4. Fourth- state-level decisions of the party should be left to state executive bodies.

5. Fifth- party should expand its wings in those state where election are going to be held in near future.

6. Sixth- voting right ought to be given to active volunteers also.

7. Seventh- amendments made in the constitution of the party on 2014 should be repealed,"

The meeting was marred by controversies as a few members termed it as "anti-party activities" and said that these people are the "agents" of the other parties and personalities who are "hell bent to destabilise" the party.

"You are those guys who have been involved in anti-party activities and one person has fought an election against AAP candidate. We won't tolerate such activities that goes against Kejriwal and his party," said an angry NC member in the meeting whose voice was clearly audible from outside the chamber.

Later, the angry member was accompanied by a few other persons and boycotted the further proceedings.

Asked what was the need and urgency to hold a meeting before NC meeting, NC member Prahlad Pandey said "we wanted the NC meeting to be held for three days. But it is one-day event. Hence we did a rehearsal of the meeting so that we can conclude the meeting tomorrow smoothly without any hassle."

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