AAP accuses BJP of 'horse-trading', releases proof video

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AAP accuses BJP of 'horse-trading'
New Delhi, Sept 8: As the talks are proceeding within the leadership regarding forming government in Delhi, Aam Aadmi Party accuses BJP of poaching MLAs. The rebel party also released a video as proof and said it will file a complaint against BJP with EC.

However, the BJP has denied the charges and said AAP was trying to defame them by releasing malicious video. 

We will not let the BJP form the government in Delhi. The BJP is cheating the people of Delhi, said Kejriwal. "BJP doesn't have the numbers; if they did they would have formed the government in Delhi", said Kejriwal at a press conference in Delhi on Monday.

"This is not the first time the AAP is trying to malign the BJP. This is a conspiracy against our party", said BJP leader Vijender Gupta to NDTV. "BJP will never indulge in horse-trading to form government in Delhi. Let AAP do whatever they want to do in court, they are welcome to do it", he said.

However, the BJP has denied the charges and said AAP was trying to defame them


On Saturday, Kejriwal saidAam Aadmi Party will seek the President's intervention to ensure that the saffron party does not get an invitation "under any circumstances" from the governor.

"How will BJP form government? Naturally, BJP wants to form government through horse-trading, by buying MLAs which is totally wrong.

"They want to buy MLAs using money power, at Rs 20 crore each," he alleged. "The LG is saying that BJP will be invited to form government. On what basis are they going to prove (majority). This is a deliberate invitation to form government dishonestly. So we are meeting the President today and will request him to intervene in the matter. BJP should not get an invitation to form government under any circumstances," he said.

BJP is likely to be invited to form a government in Delhi with Jung sending a report to the President seeking permission to call the single largest party to take a shot at power though it is well short of majority in the assembly.


In his report, Jung gave a detailed analysis of the political situation in the city and underlined the need to have an elected government for Delhi which is under President's rule since February 17 following resignation of AAP government.

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