After 'Intolerance' debate, Anupam Kher slams Aamir Khan, yet again

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Mumbai, Dec 6: Aamir Khan once again faced stern criticism from veteran Bollywood actor Anupam Kher. After the infamous debate over "rising intolerance in India", this was the second time when Anupam Kher took a dig at Aamir.

Anupam Kher said that Aamir has developed a habit of giving opinions on everything.

Aamir Khan

60-year-old Anupam Kher earlier had lashed out at the Bollywood superstar for saying that he was "alarmed" by the rising intolerance in India.

Anupam Kher's statement surfaced during a literature festival in Mumbai. The actor was speaking on the topic of "Whose intolerance is it anyway".

Commenting on Aamir Khan, Anupam Kher was quoted as saying, "I don't have any problem with anybody. They all are my friends. Aamir is a friend too and we did a lot of films together like Dil, Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin, but that time he wasn't 'Aamir Khan'. He then, rightly, over the years cultivated himself and became Aamir Khan. He then thought he should give opinions on everything. Whether it's the controversy of AIB, or whether it is this (intolerance) or that."

Anupam Kher also shared an incident from the 1991 film Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin, where Aamir had a problem with Mr Kher's interpretation of his character.

"(Mahesh) Bhatt sahab told me Aamir is saying your interpretation of your character is rubbish. This is not how he thought the character should be portrayed. So, sometimes people have this habit that they think what I am saying is right and rest of the world is not right," he said.

Anupam Kher said he admires the work of the Ghajini actor, including his TV show Satyamev Jayate, but feels that a celebrity should be responsible.

"I have great respect for him but I just felt with great stardom comes a sense of responsibility. It is very important to have a sense of responsibility. I admire him and that is why I was a little sad. It's important to give hope sometimes and not spread fear," he said.

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