5-year old brutally gangraped with a sharp object in Wadala

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Mumbai, April 25: It was Nirbhaya revised, but this time, it was a small innocent five year old girl who was lured with chocolate. The most horrific part of the story is yet to come.

According to Bangalore Mirror, hospital authorities said that she was raped by several people and that a sharp object had been inserted in her.


As it happened

The girl's mother had sent her with Rs 5 for some turmeric powder and a rupee for a chocolate, which she had been insisting upon for quite some time. A man, possibly, someone known to her showed her a Rs 10 note and offered to buy her chocolates. When she refused to go with him, he carried her and took her to a lonely corner from near her home in Wadala, Mumbai. A CCTV footage could be seen with the man carrying her in his arms with the girl clinging on to him.

The child was raped at Antop Hill, around 2 kilometers away. At around midnight, she was found crying and bleeding, all alone by herself. Residents complain that after they called the police, it took them four hours to decide first that whose jurisdiction the case came under.

A police team first took the child to the Antop Hill police station. From there, she was taken to the Wadala police station, where her family was informed that the case should be handled at the area where the crime took place. So she was taken back to the place where she was brought from.

One of the residents said,"We insisted that the child be treated first. Then they brought the child back to the Antop Hill police station. We were fed up and said we will take the child to hospital ourselves, that is when they finally took the child to the Sion hospital at 2.45 am."

The Hospital saga

Time lapsed at Sion hospital too when doctors waited for a senior forensic and gynaecology teams to examine her, terming it as a sensitive case. At Sion Hospital, too, another hour was lost as the authorities, terming it a sensitive case, waited for senior forensic and gynaecology teams to examine her.

At 6 am on Wednesday, the girl finally underwent two surgeries. A forensic doctor who examined the girl said she had been brutally raped. "It appears a sharp object was inserted in her private parts. It's also possible that multiple people have raped her," the doctor added.

The DCP said, "Yes, initially there was some confusion, but taking the seriousness of the case into account, officials from both police stations visited the spot and began investigations. Yes, there was delay but it was just for two hours, not four. In fact, I have already instructed all my senior police inspectors that in offences related to minors or sexual assault cases, the treatment should be on a priority basis."

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