40 Hindu groups come under one umbrella to fight ISIS

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New Delhi, Oct 20: India against the Islamic State is a new group comprising Hindu groups which has sworn to fight against the ISIS.

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The 40 different Hindu outfits have come under one umbrella and have sworn to fight the ISIS threat that is present in India. The job of the new group that was formed yesterday will be to fight against terrorism.

40 Hindu groups to fight ISIS

Groups such as the Hindu Janajagruti and the Shri Ram Sena are part of this group and they say that the idea is to create awareness against terrorism.

We will fight terror not Muslims:
The president of the Shri Ram Sena, Pramod Muthalik tells OneIndia that they have decided to unite to wade away the threat of the ISIS which is today present in India. Our fight is not against the Muslims, but terrorism, Muthalik also informed.

The idea is to counter the ISIS propaganda which has led to several persons being brainwashed. Muthalik said that even Muslims can join this group in a bid to fight the problem of the ISIS. The group would identify areas which are prone to ISIS propaganda. We will try and stop the youth from joining the group.

There needs to be much more done to educate the youth about the ISIS and its evil agenda, Muthalil also informed. Incidents such as waving of flags of the ISIS among other issues have haunted society at large and the India Against the Islamic State will fight that evil, the members also informed.

We will start our campaign immediately and also have launched a website on which our programmes will be made known. The intention is not to create any communal tension, but to ensure that India is safe from the threat of the ISIS, Muthalik also added.

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