IN PHOTOS: 1971 Bangladesh war: A bloody battle remembered

Today is the anniversary of the India-Pakistan 1971 war which led to the creation of Bangladesh. Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar paid homage to the martyrs at Amar Jawan Jyoti.

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Forty-five years ago, on this day, Pakistani Commander Abdullah Khan Niazi surrendered to India's Lt Gen Jagjit Singh Aurora at the Dhaka Race Course.

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar, along with the three service chiefs, paid homage to the martyrs of 1971 India-Pakistan war at Amar Jawan Jyoti in the National Capital on Friday.

The war, which commenced on December 3, 1971 and concluded on December 16, 1971 ended in a crushing defeat of the Pakistan armed forces, and led to the creation of Bangladesh (Then East Pakistan).

The war began with Pakistan attacking 11 Indian airbases in the western front which forced India to enter the war in support of Bangladeshi nationalist forces.

Speaking on the occasion, Parrikar lauded the bravery of the Indian armed forces and termed the outcome of the war as a 'decisive victory'

"Its a day when we achieved a decisive victory and created a new country," he said.

The war was the result of unfair treatment meted out to East Pakistan by the Pakistan (West) after Sheikh Mujibur Rahman won the 1970 elections Rahman-led East Pakistani Awami League won 167 of 169 seats from East Pakistan and secured an absolute majority in the 313-seat Pakistan Parliament.

1971 war image

The then President of Pakistan Yahya Khan sent the army to suppress East Pakistan. The atrocities by the military led almost 10 million people to flee East Pakistan and take refuge in neighbouring Indian states.

After failing to get the response from the international community, the Indian government came out in support of the Independence struggle of the people of East Pakistan. Prime Minister Indira Gandhi asked the then Chief of Staff of the Indian Army, Sam Manekshaw, to prepare for war. Manekshaw asked for time for war preparation, which was granted.

1971 war image

Although the build-up of forces had begun, India did not enter the war till the Pakistani Air Force launched a per-emptive strike on 11 airfields in north-western India. India then launched an offensive against Pakistan of both Eastern and Western fronts.

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The war lasted for 13 days and culminated in Pakistan Army's Lt. Gen AAK Niazi signing on the surrender documents in presence of Lt. Gen Jagjit Singh Aurora, General Officer Commanding-in-chief of Eastern Command of the Indian Army.

Signing of surrender

Signing of surrender

India took approximately 90,000 Pakistani troops as prisoners of war.

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