14-year-old domestic help found in closet at businessman's home

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Gurgaon, Oct 15: Another horrifying incident of violence on domestic help has come to light in Gurgaon. A 14 year old teenage girl was brutally assaulted and confined to a closet at a businessman's home. She was rescued by police officials on Wednesday with signs of torture on her body.

Now in hospital, the teen alleged that she was given just 2 rotis per day, beaten with a mop, attacked with a knife and was also bashed on the wall.


The police said that the girl was brought from Jharkhand by her uncle and handed over to the businessman who had twin children. Basically, she was taken in to take care of the children. She was rescued by the NGO Shakti Vahini, who raided the businessman's home along with police after getting a call for help on their helpline.

When they visited the house first, they could not find the girl, but on second attempt after a similar call, police searched the house thoroughly and found the girl unconscious in a closet. Activists said that her legs were swollen and there were marks of torure on her body. There was a deep gash on her back and marks near her eyes.

The businessman is not in town and the police is questioning the wife. Police suspects that it was the wife who tortured the girl routinely.

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