10 year old sketches her ordeal, court sends rapist uncle to jail in Delhi

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A crayon sketch by a minor helped a court identify the person who had raped her. A Delhi trial court was hearing a case in which a minor girl was raped by her uncle. It was becoming difficult for the court and the prosecution to identify the accused.

10 year old sketches her ordeal, court sends rapist uncle to jail in Delhi

The victim then drew out a sketch with crayons. It was through this sketch that the court had managed to identify that the accused was the victim's uncle. The 10 year old who belongs to a broken family in Kolkata was living with her aunt in Delhi. It was alleged that her uncle Akthar Ahmed had sexually assaulted her several times before she fled.

He was arrested, but the defence argued that the girl had been tutored to accuse him of rape. The minor was given a paper and crayons to keep her occupied during the hearing. She drew an abandoned house, a girl holding balloons and a dress lying besides her.

The judge who saw the sketch said that the same indicates her ordeal. "If the elements of this drawing are considered in the background of facts and circumstances of this case, then commission of sexual assault upon her by somebody in her house after undressing her, and it leaving an impression upon her mind, becomes evident." It was enough to explain the girl's suffering to someone having no knowledge about the facts of the case, the judge also said while sentencing the uncle to 5 years imprisonment.

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