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Veeraputhran – tribute to freedom fighter Mohammed Abdul Rahiman

VeeraputhranMalayalam movie Veeraputhran is based on the life and achievement of frontline freedom fighter Mohammed Abdul Rahiman. The upcoming film is expected to bring the Malabar's role in freedom struggle on celluloid. The patriotic film is directed by PT Kunjumuhammed and actor Naren is playing the role of Rahiman sahib in it.

Muhammad Abdul Rahiman Sahib is one of the prominent Indian freedom fighter and secular politician of Kerala. He was born at Azhikode Azhikode, Ernakulam in Kodungallur in 1898. He discontinued his studies at Aligarh University to participate in Non-cooperation movement and Khilafat movement in Malabar. He was an orator and writer.

Mohammad Sahib tried to establish peace in riot affected areas after the Moplah Riots in 1921. But he was arrested by British authorities in October 1921 and sentenced to two years imprisonment. He was brutally lathi-charged by the British Raj, while he participated in the breaking of Salt laws on Calicut beach during Salt Satyagraha in 1930 and sentenced to nine months rigorous imprisonment and lodged in Kannur Central Jail.

Abdur Rahiman Sahib was the editor of a nationalist daily ‘Al-Ameen, published from Calicut during 1929 – 1939. But the paper had to close down in 1939 due to repressive measures of the British Raj. He was a great admirer of Subhas Chandra Bose and had associated himself with the Forward Block formed by Netaji. He died on November 22, 1945 at Pottashery village near Chennamangallur just after addressing a public meeting at Kodiyathur.

The movie Veeraputhran, which is currently being shot in Kozhikode, is based on a story written by the late NP Mohammed. It covers the period in Malabar history starting with the arrival of Abdul Rahman Sahib in Kerala at the age of 23, after discontinuing his education in Aligarh, up to his demise in 1945. The director says that the film highlights the Abdul sahib’s contributions to freedom struggle. Major events in Kerala history such as Moplah Revolt, Pookkottur battle, and salt satyagraha will be recreated on celluloid.

Lead actors as well as newcomers play the 150-odd characters of the film Veeraputhran. Actor Naren will play Abdul Rahman Sahib, while actress Raima Sen appears as his Sahib's wife. The cast includes Lakshmi Gopalaswamy, Siddique, Kalabhavan Mani, Sai Kumar, Devan, Valsala Menon, and Sajitha Madathil. The movie will have five songs, composed by Ramesh Narayanan and rendered by Yesudas, Shankar Mahadevan, and Sreya Ghoshal.

Malayalam movie Veeraputhran will be great tribute to freedom fighter Mohammed Abdul Rahiman. We, at Oneindia, wish all the success to director PT Kunjumuhammed for his great effort to bring Abdul sahib’s story on big screen.

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