Uttar Pradesh assembly election 2012

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With present Uttar Pradesh CM Mayawati successfully completing her full term propelling her Bahujan Samaj Party to power, the upcoming UP Assembly elections will be an acid test for her. With the erection of her statues and party symbol making headlines the most of last year, the rampant corruption and misgovernance in the state will become a major electoral issue in this years polls.

The elections is scheduled to be held in seven phases. The Election Commission (EC) announced that the poll dates will be on Feb - 8th, 11th, 15th, 19th, 23rd, 28th and Mar 3 in 2012. The counting of votes will be held on Mar 6. Read the latest news on the Uttar Pradesh Assembly election 2012 here

Apart from Mayawati led BSP, Rahul Gandhi led Congress and Akhilesh Yadav led SP is doing all they can to wreck the castle built by Mayawati and her supporters. Among the many issues that fare prominent in the UP election scene are the division of the states and the crime graph that has risen considerably over the years. The verdict of the UP elections will also alter the power politics in the Centre.

Uttar Pradesh (Total 403 ACs)
Uttar Pradesh Partywise Result Status
Status Known For 403 out of 403 Constituencies
Party Won Leading Total
Bahujan Samaj Party80080
Samajwadi Party2240224
Bharatiya Janata Party47047
Indian National Congress+37037
Schedule for General Election to the Legislative Assembly of Uttar Pradesh 2012
S.No. Poll Event 1st Phase (60 ACs) 2nd Phase (55 ACs) 3rd Phase (59 ACs) 4th Phase (56 ACs) 5th Phase (56 ACs) 6th Phase (49 ACs) 7th Phase (68 ACs) 1 Issue of Notification 10.01.12
Tuesday 12.01.12
Thursday 16.01.12
Monday 21.01.12
Saturday 25.01.12
Wednesday 28.01.12
Saturday 02.02.12
Thursday 2 Last date for making Nominations 17.01.12
Tuesday 19.01.12
Thursday 23.01.12
Monday 28.01.12
Saturday 01.02.12
Wednesday 04.02.12
Saturday 09.02.12
Thursday 3 Scrutiny of Nominations 18.01.12
Wednesday 20.01.12
Friday 24.01.12
Tuesday 30.01.12
Monday 02.02.12
Thursday 06.02.12
Monday 10.02.12
Friday 4 Last date for withdrawal of candidature 20.01.12
Friday 23.01.12
Monday 27.01.12
Friday 01.02.12
Wednesday 04.02.12
Saturday 08.02.12
Wednesday 13.02.12
Monday 5 Date of Poll 04.02.12
Saturday 08.02.12
Wednesday 11.02.12
Saturday 15.02.12
Wednesday 19.02.12
Sunday 23.02.12
Thursday 28.02.12
Tuesday 6 Counting of Votes 06.03.12
Tuesday 06.03.12
Tuesday 06.03.12
Tuesday 06.03.12
Tuesday 06.03.12
Tuesday 06.03.12
Tuesday 7 Date before which election process shall be completed 09.03.12
Friday 09.03.12
Friday 09.03.12
Friday 09.03.12
Friday 09.03.12
Friday 09.03.12
Friday 09.03.12

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