Surprising:Gujarat Congress leader gives Rs 600 crore to domestic help

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Rajkot, Jan 16: It's not reel but a real story where a man, who works as a domestic help for a crorepati politician, becomes a billionaire overnight. Yes, this is a story of Vinubhai Kanjibhai who worked for Congress leader Gajraj Singh Jadeja in Rajkot, Gujarat.

Vinubhai recently discovered that he has been given Rs 600 crore property by the Congress leader who died in Sept 2013. The leader left land worth crores, a house, cash and other assets for Vinubhai.

Congress leader got Vinubhai married and even funded his children's education

The domestic help claimed that he discovered Gajraj's will recently. However, his good times ended soon when Vinubhai along with his other family members were kidnapped and made hostages by distant relatives of Gajraj. Later, Gujarat Police rescued them. Gajraj's kin were upset for being ignored in the will.

"Mr Gajraj Singh has left huge property for me, I have not surveyed the entire property," said Vinubhai. Speaking about their kidnap, Vinubhai said, "I didn't know they were going to keep us hostage. The nephew and his family members came here and threatened us."

According to sources, Mr Gajraj did not have any heir as he was not married. But the generous man wanted Vinubhai's family to prosper. He got Vinubhai married and even funded his children's education and when they grew up he sent them to England for further studies.

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