Zaki ur Rehman Lakhvi's release: It is a lost cause for India

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The drama surrounding the release of Lashkar-e-Tayiba top man, Zaki-ur-Rehman Lakhvi who is also an accused in the 26/11 attack was expected. Pakistan was never serious about his conviction and there are ample instances to suggest the same.

If Pakistan has found the evidence provided by India hard to trust then there has been no change of heart when it came to the proof that even the United States of America has given them regarding Lakhvi.

Lakhvi's release lost cause for India

Voice samples collected by India useless

India during its probe into the 26/11 attack had provided several hours of tapes which clearly indicates that Lakhvi was giving instructions to the terrorists who carried out the 26/11 attack.

While it has been over three years since this evidence was handed out, there still has been no word from Pakistan on these tapes. Pakistan was quick to doubt the voice on the tapes, but till date has not managed to convinced Lakhvi to provide his voice samples so that the tapes could be verified.

When Pakistan had made a meek attempt to get Lakhvi to provide his voice samples, he simply refused to do so and since then no serious attempt has ever been made.

Each time the case against Lakhvi comes up for hearing before a court in Pakistan and these tapes are cited, the judges always turn it down. This is primarily because the Pakistan investigators have not managed to give proof that the voice on the tapes is that of Lakhvi's.

The proof from the United States of America

When the Federal Bureau of Investigation questioned David Headley the man who carried out the reconnaissance for the 26/11 attack, they managed to dish out a lot of information on Lakhvi and also the role he had played.

Headley had also told the investigators about the close ties that Sajid Mir another conspirator in the attack shares with Lakhvi. Further the US had told Pakistan that they were aware that Mir was put in charge of the security of Lakhvi a charge Pakistan rejected outright.

Kayani had ordered privileges to Lakhvi

The fact that Lakhvi enjoyed close ties with the Pakistan establishment is a well known fact. When Ashfaq Kayani was the army chief he had ordered special privileges to Lakhvi. The first time that Lakhvi was arrested months after the 26/11 attack it was Kayani who had ordered that he be provided with a cell phone.

This issue was raised directly with Pakistan by the then secretary of state, Hillary Clinton. However the privilege was never withdrawn. He continued to marshal his troops by coordinating with the ISI from jail. The activities of the Lashkar went on unabated even though he was in jail.

What changes when Lakhvi is out of jail?

Lakhvi had managed to maneuver the Lashkar cadres even while he was in jail. However the morale of the cadres will be boosted once he is in front of them. He is after all considered to be the imam of Jihad in Pakistan.

He poses a threat not just to India but to the rest of the world. He is the one who had planned on making the Lashkar a global outfit and had even sent many of his men to Bosnia, Iraq and Chechnya.

However the biggest headache would be for India. He is a known India hater and has centered his operations and motivation around Kashmir in particular. He has a different style of functioning and he is not just an ideological head. He has ample experience in combat and has taken part in several exercises.

The fact that he grew in the ranks right from a foot soldier is what makes the entire Lashkar cadre respect him.

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