Decoded: Know why removing Yadav, Bhushan will boomerang on Arvind kejriwal-led AAP

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Finally Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi party did it. The dissident leaders Yogendra Yadav, Prashant Bhushan who had waged open war against party leadership have been sacked by party disciplinary committee.

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The reason being given that these leaders were involved in anti-party activities and party had no option left but to sack them.

Know how Yogendra & co damage AAP

"The party's national disciplinary committee has expelled them for gross indiscipline, anti-party activities and violation of code of conduct of the party," said party spokesperson Deepak Bajpai.

When asked about the move, Bhushan reacted sharply saying party has become a Khap Panchayat, ruled by dictator. Everyone will have to follow the diktat, otherwise they will face tough consequence.

Attacking Kejriwal's loyalist for acting like a pawn, he said, "Some AAP leaders have mortgaged their shame and will do anything for their leader".


As these two leaders are veterans and are founding members, they could unleash enough harm on party. These two leaders may pose risk to hard earned credibility of the party.

Here is the dissection of how these rebel leaders could damage party's future prospects.

Who is Prashan Bhushan?

  • Well known Supreme Court lawyer, who with the help of PILs exposed many of the scams. 
  • One of the founding members of the party who is with Arvind Kejriwal since Jan Lokpal days. 

Can party ill-afford him?

  • Arvind Kejriwal-led party will definitely feel the heat now
  • Bhushan is the man who helped Kejriwal don the image of anti-crusader. 
  • Prashant Bhushan used to file PILs against important scams and handed over the important documents to Arvind Kejriwal. 
  • AAP chief then used to call up press conferences to expose the whole matter publicly. 
  • Bhushan's image is like one who took cudgel against corruption, so any tough action against him will hurt the party's image. 

Bhushan can open can of worms

  • As he is in the party since the day AAP came to existence, Bhushan is well aware of all the small details and developments within the party. 
  • After removed from party, disgruntled Bhushan may expose many deep secrets of the party. 
  • Can bad mouth about many of the party leaders which can further damage the image of the party. 

Who is Yogendra Yadav?

  • He is popular psephologist and political expert. Have honest and clean image. 
  • With his eloquent nature and soft spoken skill, he has been face of the party in the media. 
  • As he is a psephologist and master strategist, so with the help of research he can tell what will work in favour of the party or what will go against it. 

How he can harm?

  • Now after he has been shown the exit door, he may act against party. Yadav will spread the message that he has been removed for raising voice against Arvind Kejriwal 
  • Yadav will garner emotional support as people know that he was asking for democratic process in the party, which didn't augur well to the AAP chief. 
  • Sulking Yadav may not leave single stone unturned to malign Arvind Kejriwal and his loyalists. 

How will Kejriwal benefit?

  • After the exit of these two dissenters, Arvind Kejriwal will definitely feel a big sigh of relief. 
  • After their removal, a straight message will go to all the party workers that rebel voices have no place in the party. 
  • Kejriwal's position within the party will further get strengthened. He will be 'all in all' who can take any decision 'fair or unfair', and nobody will dare to ask anything.

It seems, ongoing crisis, which started with internal ego tussle between wrangling camps(Yogendra and Arvind kejriwal) will go a long way and will not end soon. In coming days, Arvind Kejriwal will definitely have tough time as these leaders will keep on throwing salvo at party.

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