Yoga finds its way into human heart....literally!

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A few jarring facts wake us youngsters up from a deep slumber. According to the World Health Organization, increasing number of Indians are likely to die of heart diseases.

In fact, it would be the major cause of death and disability in India by 2020. Experts blame it on the lifetyle that we lead and the food we eat. Numerous global and domestic organizations have come to a rather demotivating conclusion that one out of every four Indians is at a risk of dying from non-communicable diseases like diabetes, cardio-vascular ailments or cancer before the age of 70.


Erratic work timings, increasing stress levels and sleep disorder are something that we deal everyday and there is no deviation in that. So, is there no way out of this? While doctors and nutritionists believe that exercise is the key to avoid all of them, Yoga experts believe that is not enough.

"Merely exercising and dieting is not enough. You have to attack the root cause of the diseases. Yoga helps you do that," suggests Dr Nagarathna, Medical Director of S-VYASA (Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samsthana).

But many do not realise that, thanks to the lack of public awareness about the practice. "IT is a shame that people consider Yoga as just an alterantive to gyming," rues doctor didi (as Nagrathna is popularly known). "It does reduce weight, but that happens when the mind is controlled and this comes through the practice of Yoga," she further added.

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Why choose Yoga?

Explaining the evolution of Yoga in the past 1000 years, Dr H R Nagendra (Chancellor of the S-VYASA Yoga University) explains," in earlier times, our lifestyle was knitted with discipline. We used to do more manual work-cooking, washing clothes etc. We had more patience and stability.

Our forefathers had formulated mantras to be chanted before food, thanking the almighty for the same. Why was that so? Scientifically, it imbibed the power of patience in us. Patanjali had said that one should wait for things that senses desire by calming yourself. That will bless you with immense strength. Nowadays, we have no discipline, we sleep late, get up late, we want what we see; in other words, we have gone against the bio-rythm that causes us stress."

Yoga helps you calm your senses, align your 'Chakras' and stabilise your body. It targets the roots of an ailment and does not suppress it, but uproots it.

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Prevention is better than cure

Yoga believes in the fact that prevention is better than cure, be it the cure for Cancer. Explaining the anatomy of a cancer patient, DR Nagarathna says,"Cancer does not happen out of external sources, but because of a confused immune system that cannot differential between the good cell and bad cell. This in turn happens due to stress. With regular Pranayama and Suryanamaskara, your mind is in control.

"Whever you feel stressed out, start 'anulom vilom' or 'Omkar' chanting, you will find instant relief.

Conversing roads

Indeed, Yoga is not static, limited to the asanas dating back to the puranic times, but has evolved with time. Dr Nagendra speaks of a breakthrough research that combines the best of East and West medical practices. This is no fiction! Both Dr Nagendra and Dr Nagarathna believe that Yoga, naturopathy, homeopathy and modern medicine, if combined together can provide cost-effective, advanced healthcare system.

An ideal example is the Anvesan laboratory that the University has, which is equipped with state-of-art equipment and diagnostics that are rare to be found under one roof. Joint Director of the lab-DR Manjunath N K explains that the diagnostics center doubles as a research center and is considered one of its kind in South East Asia.

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Although the machinaries are modern, they merely device analytical graphics of human body, but also read minds. Basing on that, a patient is given Yoga therapy. Certainly, a unique combination of modern technology and ancient practice. In fact, a practical demonstration proved how effective the diagnosis was. The laboratory is exemplary of the fact that medication is not just physiological, but psychological too.

Similarly, the SMET therapy, which is meant for corporate executives working for long erratic hours. "Most young executives are sleep deprived or they think they are sleep deprived. But the fact is, you can compensate for your lost hours of sleep in as long as 2 hours. IN fact the yogic postures in this program is seen to have decreased the metabolic rate by 37%, reducing obesity and fighting diseases.

It is never too late to realise the merits of Yoga. And to build that awareness the university is organising the 21st INCOFYRA between Jan 3, 2016 to Jan 7, 2016 that will witness top medical practitioners across the world in various medical fields, presenting their research and observation. But the main agenda would be to find a way to combine the best for effective medication.

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