Yoga Day: Politicians give the likes of Baba Ramdev a run for their life

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The Yoga Day fervour is still on, thanks to the likes of Vijaykanth who have kept the 'spirit' alive. While we got to learn a lot in a day-about the benefits of Yoga and the way it can affect the mind and the body, it also proved worthwhile for the lungs.

In fact, first-timers like actor-turned Vijaykanth could well have given the likes of Baba Ramdev a run for their lives and money. But he was not alone.

Vijaykanth: Forget the Balasans and Bhujangasan, we learnt how to squat mosquitos with one hand (yogic style) from our style icon.

The 'anulom-vilom' episode, particularly was hilarious when he got conscious that the camera was focussing on him and he did not know how to do it. At one point, he was also found instructing the cameraman to focus somewhere else. But the killer wink was the show stopper! We understand that he may be experiencing back pain with the yoga posture, but where did it go the very next time? Or probably, he was looking for cues from his fellow practioners.

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Venkaiah Naidu: Sir, Yoga is not a musical chair! Half the asanas have to be done lying flat on the ground whereas you were seen doing the 'asanas' comfortably sitting on a chair. What more, the minister was sporting a 'Mundu' (cloth-line wrapped at the waist). Thankfully, Headstand was not on the list. Readers, now tell us if that is not a threat to Baba Ramdev?

Devandra Fadnavis: Non-flexibility would be an understatement for the former model. Not his mistake, the Mumbai floods may have broken his back (already?), otherwise why would he look like a Teddy Bear twisting from side to side as if somebody was doing it for him from behind.

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However, the show stopper was Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu who did not 'wake up' from the Shavasana, a yogic posture where you have to lie down like a corpse. A series of hilarious photos were released where a person could be seen waking up Prabhu from his yogic slumber.

Indeed! Yogi politicians can be as dangerous as fighting politicians.

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