Yasin Malik's desperation shows he's not concerned about people of Kashmir

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Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) leader Yasin Malik has now resorted to disrupt relief and rescue operations in the region.
It seems the separatist sharks in the flood hit state of Jammu & Kashmir could not digest the praise the Indian Army as well as the Government are getting for the relief and rescue operations in the region. After remaining elusive from the J&K's scene for weeks, a desperate Jammu & Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) leader Yasin Malik has now resorted to disrupt relief and rescue operations in the region.

Separatists disrupting relief ops

According to a report published in Zee News, Malik and some of his men tried to obstruct the rescue and relief operations being carried out by the Indian Army under Operation Megh Rahat in a flood-hit area of the Kashmir Valley. They reportedly hijacked a rescue boat to carry out the relief distribution task by themselves. A social media video and news reports aired by an English news channel showed Malik asking the relief workers to abandon the boat. They were also seen forcing women patients out of the Army relief boat.

Fearing backlash Separatists are politicising floods

This is nothing but an attempt by separatist leaders, who were witnessing widespread criticism for separating themselves with the Kashmiris in times of need, to politicise the relief operations and gain grounds. This proves that the for separatist leaders lives and well being is not important all they care about how to keep their political motives alive.

Yasin Malik's Pakistan connection

Same Yasin Malik was earlier seen sharing dais with Hafiz Saeed, mastermind of Mumbai terror attacks, in Pakistan. He has been often seen hobnobbing with anti-India elements and also has a history of creating tensions in the valley. Malik, later, formed his political organisation JKLF.

At a time when the politicians, irrespective of their ideologies, must become a helping hand to the Army, involved in the relief and rescue operations, to aid the ailing people of Valley, they are obstructing the rescuers. This reveals how much they care about the Kashmiris.

They are raising anti-India banners saying people of Kashmir do not need help from them and creating bias amongst the people by coming up with baseless accusations that Indian Army is only rescuing non-Kashmiris. Even a banner was reportedly displayed by separatists group outside Srinagar's Jamia Mosque which said, "We Dont Need Indian Rescue & Relief. Stop Drama of Choppers."

Well, will Yasin Malik explain if Kashmir is not a part of India? It reflects the desperation of the Hurriyat sharks who are finding no other way to attack Indian government and are resorting to spread lies.

At a time when entire country stands by the side of people of Kashmir in their hard times the these hatemongers fear of getting sidelined by the people of Kashmir.

That is why, they are blaming the Indian media for carrying out a campaign against them. This shows all these people care about is provoking the local people to maintain tension in the valley and politicise it.

The separatists in the valley fear their divisive politics will stop if the people of Kashmir will praise the Army for saving lakhs of lives of those marooned in the floods.

But the Army has shown its character by not retaliating to the unprovoked stone pelting resorted by a gang of hoodlums and preferring to disengage and relocate the people to a safer place.

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