Xi Jinping arrives in Gujarat: Will Modi prove his knack of diplomacy once again?

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi might not have got major breakthrough in terms of substantial result at domestic politics, but then he has envious record at foreign diplomacy. As Chinese President Xi Jinping is coming India on his three day visit, people of the country must be weary about the fact that whether Modi will be able to prove his knack of diplomacy or not.

Modi yesterday had said that both country will establish new milestone in relationship. "I would like to give a new terminology to my tomorrow's meeting with the Chinese President. I call it ‘Inch towards Miles'. INCH is ‘India-China', towards MILES is ‘Millennium of Exceptional Synergy'. I believe that tomorrow's meeting will mark a happy beginning towards this goal of ‘Inch towards Miles'", Modi had said while talking with Chinese journalists in New Delhi.

There are so many major irritants between two countries, right from border disputes( Arunachal, aksai chin), frequent incursions, trade imbalances, to wrestling over string of pearls. But then how the issues will be addressed amicably, when head of the two Asian super power will meet, that will be interesting to see.

India's bonhomie with Vietnam, Japan gives sleepless night to dragon

It might be a co incidence or concerted effort on part of the Modi Government that they inked some of the major pacts with China's competitor, Vietnam and that also just a day before Chinese premier visit to India.

Both, India and Vietnam have reached to some of the major agreements offshore oil exploration agreement from free navigation in the disputed waters of South China Sea to offshore oil exploration. Though they must have idea that it will not augur well among Chinese, but perhaps both wanted that to happen.

Already weary about India's growing affability with Japan which had promised to invest $ 35 billion dollar in India, this growing closeness with Vietnam has really put China on tenterhook. But then, this might be a planned strategy of Modi Government so that they will be in better position in bargaining thing on its term.

Game of one-upmanship must not bring animosity
Both, India and China are biggest superpower of South Asia, so the ego fight is bound to happen. But then this shadow boxing approach should not come into way which will ultimately wobble path of prosperity of two countries. There are number of such issues I.e both are trying hard to exploit silk routes and on Indian ocean front.

Though both have their vested interest and tries hard to outfox each other, but squabbling will not solve any purpose. Everyone knows how China is developing silk route with a purpose to encircle India from all sides by developing commercial ports including Hambantota (Sri Lanka), Gwadar (Pakistan), Chittagong (Bangladesh) and Marao Atoll (Maldives).

Though China pretends that this has been developed to give a spur to trade activities, but it's true intention is no longer hidden anymore. In reply to that, reportedly Modi Government has started a project named 'Mausam' to check Chinese dragon.

Symbiotic relationship must be maintained

Both China and India needs each other to grow on the path of prosperity. Both are huge market for each other due to big human population in these countries. The trade relation formally resumed in 1978 and in 1984 the MFN agreement was signed between two countries. The China today is considered one of the largest trade partner of India.

According to a MINT report, India's trade with China began rather modestly, as low as $2.92 billion in 2000, which rose to a phenomenal all-time high of $73.9 billion in 2011. Though in last two three years this has decreased. Report says that China is skewing this trade imbalances in their favour, which is big bone of contention between two countries at the moment.

Chinese product like toys, consumer electronics and firecrackers are in great demand in India, though raw materials for these finished good is supplied by India itself. Similarly at the front of terrorism both are facing same problem and unitedly they could wage war against this monster.

Modi himself had said yesterday that India can benefit from China's strength in hardware such as creation of infrastructure and development of our manufacturing sector, while we will help them by providing software, where India has upper hand.

Modi had also said assertively that if both country will work together, whole world will ultimately be befitted as two country contributes more than half of world's GDP. "India and China today constitute almost 35 percent of the world's population.From a purely arithmetic point of view, the betterment of 35 percent of the world's population and that they decide to work together will open big gates for progress and development in the world", Indian prime Minister had said on Tuesday.

Issues must be solved amicably-Both should travel to middle ground

Though, there are series of roadblocks between two countries from border dispute, to recent transgression of line of actual control, visa controversy and then India's tacit support to Dalai Lama. According to a ET report, proposed visa liberalization agreement is off the agenda and the reason being Beijing's intransigence over Arunachal Pradesh , where dragon is still continued with stapled visas thing.

Though, China has try to win confidence of India by announcing $100 billion investment in coming days, outsmarting bete noire Japan. But then all issues must be resolved with patience and amity. Flexing muscle is in nobody's interest. This is a apt time, when both Modi and Jinping should focus in giving a new dynamics to Indo- China relationship.

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