WC 2015: Can Mother Language Day boost Bangladesh against Australia on Feb 21?

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Come Saturday and Bangladesh will face former champions Australia in their second match of the ongoing ICC World Cup Down Under.

World Cup Special

Bangladesh to meet Australia on Feb 21, the International Mother Language Day

Saturday is February 21, which also happens to be the International Mother Language Day, something which had its origin in Bangladesh in 1952 (then East Pakistan) when Bengali students were shot dead by the police in Dhaka. The students met the tragic end because they were protesting for recognition of Bengali language as one of the two national languages of undivided Pakistan.


Since 2000, this date is being observed as the International Mother Language Day ever year to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism.

Feb 21: A date Bengladesh particularly remembers with sentiment

Going back to Bangladesh's sentimental connection to this day, the tragic killing of students was a major milestone in the Bengali Language Movement which demanded recognition of Bengali against West Pakistan's imposition of Urdu as the only national language.

Bangladesh should feel boosted on the special day against Australia at Brisbane

The demand was met later after the students' killing led to a massive outbreak of protests. But the language movement's even better contribution was the assertion of the Bengali national identity in East Bengal (later East Pakistan after the Partition) and set up the stage for Bangladeshi Liberation War which finally saw the emergence of a new nation called Bangladesh following a war between Indian and Pakistani forces.

In Bangladesh, February 21 is observed as the Language Movement Day, something which is attached to the nation's identity and its fight against majoritarianism.

Can the national sentiment boost Bangladesh against mighty Australians?

In 2015, Bangladesh might not be fighting for its political identity any more but it has definitely a long battle ahead in the 22 yards.

A dose of nationalism will do wonders for them and there will be no lack of the incentive in the match against Australia, the favourites to lift this year's World Cup in their own den, to be held in Brisbane on February 21.

Bangladesh have lost twice against Australia in WC in as many meetings

Bangladesh have met Australia twice in the World Cup and have lost both times. In 1999, the Asians lost the game by 7 wickets at Chester-le-Street in England while in 2007, they were handed over a 10-wicket defeat by the reigning champions.

Bangladesh beat Afghanistan by 105 runs in their first match at Canberra on February 18 while Australia annihilated England by 111 runs at Melbourne on February 14.

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