With the likes Giriraj Singh, Modi doesn't need an enemy

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giriraj, modi and togadia
Nothing in this world comes freely and the BJP is realising it the hard way. The saffron party, which has been finding opponent leaders' abusing its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi beneficial, is also facing some embarrassing moment when some of the right-wing minds associated with it or its sister concerns trying to relive their dream by using the same Modi card.

After Amit Shah spoke about 'taking revenge' against the Samajwadi Party government in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar BJP leader Giriraj Singh said the critics of Modi would have to go to Pakistan after the general elections get over while Pravin Togadia, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader, allegedly made provocative statements against the Muslims in Gujarat. He though later took legal steps against newspapers which reported that he made anti-Muslim remarks [Read here]. But can the BJP afford to allow this to take over its vision for what it is sincerely calling a Modified India?

Certainly not.

But then why isn't the party taking stern measures against these over-enthusiastic voices? For if the party doesn't establish a precedent by curtailing the tendency of reviving the culture of hatred, one fears that it will be badly hit just like the Congress, which did not take action against its tainted leaders. Communalism will do to the BJP whar corruption did to the Congress.

The BJP should also understand that people like Giriraj Singh and Pravin Togadia will do a bigger damage to the image of Narendra Modi and since the party is so heavily depending on him in this election, any adverse consequence is likely to spell disaster for the National Democratic Alliance, even if it wins the 2014 general election handsomely. Will the BJP want an NDA II government take the route of Manmohan Singh's UPA II government from the very beginning? If not, then it must put a full stop to the growing list of hate speakers.

Communal sentiments can do to the BJP what corruption has done to Congress

The irony is while Giriraj Singh is a big admirer of Modi, Togadia doesn't share a rosy relation with Modi but both, the friend and the foe, have done enough to embarrass the leader and his party. Can the party level the ground by taking an equally tough call against both? The cases of Pramod Muthalik and Sabir Ali were handled without a compromise. Can the same be repeated?

The make-over of Project BJP is still far from over. Since the burning days of 1990s till today, the saffron party has come a long way on the route of transformation. It has evolved as a national alternative in the post-Vajpayee and Advani era for the first time. The massive youth population of India is banking on the BJP. The media propaganda for Modi is more perfect than ever. Yet amid all this, there are some conservative voices who are dreaming to take India back to the last century by provoking Hindu religious fundamentalism. Is Modi and BJP ready to let all positive energy go waste? Indians are eager to hear.

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