With Jaya toppled & Mamata rattled, the Opposition has virtually lost another 71 seats in Lok Sabha

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Has corruption played in favour of Narendra Modi's BJP and its alliance, the National Democratic Alliance (NDA), even after the national election of 2014 got over?

With the two heavyweight women cornered, the govt will have less worries

The conviction of AIADMK chief J Jayalalithaa in connection to a 18-year-old disproportionate assets case and her removal from the chief minister's office and the growing tension in the Trinamool Congress (TMC) over the Saradha chit fund scam and discovery of terror modules in Bengal have ensured that Prime Minister Modi has even lesser to worry about the Opposition.

Why Oppn looks more hopeless in LS

Jaya and Mamata were the best hope for the Oppn to tackle Modi's supremacy

For, after the decimation of the Congress and socialist parties and the Left in the 2014 election, the hope of the beleaguered opposition rested on the two powerful women of Indian politics, namely, Jayalalithaa and Mamata Banerjee, to take on a powerful Centre.

The third and fourth largest parties in Lok Sabha have been seriously rattled

But now with their top leaderships rattled seriously (Banerjee has not been tried by law yet but she is clearly unnerved by the arrest of two of her MPs), the AIADMK and the TMC, the parties that ended third and fourth in the Lok Sabha election, are not much in a position to put up much resistance against the Centre.

New Delhi's Sri Lanka and Bangladesh policies will get a boost now

Mathematically speaking, the NDA has gained another 71 seats (37 of the AIADMK and 34 of the TMC) after the two regional parties lost their direction and it leaves the Opposition in a further hopeless state of affairs. In fact, with corruption casting a serious shadow on these two parties, not many of the Opposition outfits will be ready to form alliance with them, particularly with Banerjee, even though she is a lesser evil at the moment.

Modi govt's Bangladesh and Sri Lanka policies could also get a boost

The cornering of these two parties will also give the Modi government a relief in handling policies vis-à-vis the two neighbouring countries of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka for the two women leaders had in the past created enough discomfort for New Delhi in pursuing friendly policies on these two nations.

Both Bengal and Tamil Nadu will go to polls in 2016 and BJP will be looking to fill the growing vacuum

It will be interesting to see how the BJP chalks out its strategy for West Bengal and Tamil Nadu, both of which will go to assembly elections in 2016. The politics in both states is witnessing a growing vacuum and the BJP will look to change their ordinary fortunes in both the states by making full use of it.

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