Will US brief the Pakistan General on Headley? Unlikely says India

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Will the issue of David Headley be raked up when Pakistan's army chief General Raheel Sharrif visits the United States of America next week.

Headley is a very important issue so far as India is concerned and he has named several persons in the Pakistan establishment during his testimony before both the FBI and the NIA.

Will US brief the Pakistan on Headley?

While Sharrif's visit is expected to revolve around India's cold start doctrine, sources in India say that the Headley issue may come up for discussion, but both countries will not place too much relevance on the same.

Headley has a very strong American connection as he was a double agent of the CIA and hence going too much into it may not be an option even the US may want to take.

Headley can embarrass US and Pakistan

The issue of Headley was a well guarded secret by the US for almost an year after the 26/11 attack. There have been allegations galore that the US was aware of Headley for long, but never spoke about it as he was an agent who turned rogue.

The manner in which Headley was kept a secret and also the fact that the US was quick to sign a plea bargain deal with him which barred an extradition to India are all indications that there is more than what meets the eye.

Headley during his testimony has named several officers in Pakistan who were part of the 26/11 planning. All the names that he has taken may be fake, but none can deny the existence of such officers.

Major Sameer Ali or Iqbal the names he too while speaking about the planning are all officers who exist, but the names that he has taken are fake. These officers of the ISI never give out their real names at the time of planning attacks.

Headley during his testimony to the Mumbai court in February will take these names again. However expecting Pakistan to act is asking for too much.

They have not reacted or acted in the past 7 years and there is no reason that they may do it now says an officer of the Intelligence Bureau. Moreover the US too will not push Pakistan on the Headley issue as they have a lot to conceal.

Officials in India say that the topic may come up for discussion on a very minor scale between the the US and General Sharrif, but it would be just that. Pakistan too knows a lot about Headley's past and his US connections and hence pushing too much on this issue could turn out to be an embarrassment for both the countries.

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