Will LGBT support to AAP change the party's election prospects?

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LGBT community to support AAP?
When Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) made its political debut, not only did the party raise many eyebrows with its unconventional way of functioning but also the promises it made to the people, seemed unrealistic to some.

While the party's main aim is to wipe out corruption from the country, off lately the party has made its stand on gay rights clear, by supporting the LGBT community. According to reports, AAP last week said that decriminalising homesexuality would be a part of its election manifesto.

Now this definitely makes us think- is this just another political gimmick to woo voters before elections or does the party geniunely believe in decriminalising homosexuality. If reports are to be believed, the gay community is actually backing the AAP, with one of their well known activists Harish Iyer supporting the party.

Harish Iyer may contest elections in 2019

Iyer, who is a well known name in the LGBT circuit, joined the AAP and is even willing to contest the elections if given a ticket. He, however feels that it may be too late to conest now, but he is open to contesting the 2019 elections.

Iyer was also very vocal about AAP's Somnath Bharti's Khirki Extension raid but later said that he believed that the party had an open outlook.

The community feels that AAP is more liberal in its views as it openly supported their cause. Though Congress party also mentioned in its manifesto that sexual minorities will be given their rights, AAP on the other hand, met a few members of the LGBT community including film director Onir. Onir made it clear that he would not be constesting the elections.

If the AAP does field a member from the LGBT community, the party is surely likely to see massive support from the community and will have to stick to its promises.

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