Wild animals roaming in Bengaluru, a warning sign for the depleting wetlands

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A king Cobra was seen nesting with her five babies under the staircase of a well-known apartment in Banerghatta. The four families residing their were hysteric as a mother Cobra is known to be viscious and is possessive of her babies.

But there were little kids in the apartment too, unaware of the looming danger. The residents had to call the BBMP and the Banerghatta National Park officials to remove the snake and her babies.

Leopard in VIBGYOR

While this is just a case in point, there are several other earlier instances that are rather worrying. The leopard incident in Marathalli and 3 similar incidences in the Whitefield area, gripped the city with fear. While citizens feel insecured, the wild animals are even more vulnerable, say experts.

Not their fault

The fact that Bengaluru is built on a wetland and had expanded by massive deforestation is not unknown to anyone. "We have basically eaten up their habitat. It is their place. We are outsiders for them," says a bio-conservationist.

Fragmented Habitat

A problem in itself, this happens due to unplanned construction and deforestation. Wildlife habitats have been destroyed in fragments creating islands that cannot support healthy population. Like humans, animals too need a space to feed, give birth and raise families. But if anything comes in their way, they either risk their lives or starve to death.

The leopard citings are considered one of such cases where the animals may have lost their way.

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Feeding wild animals

Even if wild animals like monkeys stray in the city, the city goes on a frenzy to feed them. Wild animals are in th ehabit of searching for food and making it easily available for them makes them want for more. These animals become dependent on us and come back for more every now and then.

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Our role

It is important for us to understand that we have to be sensitive to the animals' plight. Instead of killing or hurting them, there are other ways to save yourself and save them. If you spot a wild animal on the roads, simply call Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Centre on 09901510394, 08022947307 or 08022947317. You can also call the BBMP Wildlife rescue +(91)-80-22221188 +(91)-9880108801, 9844123788, 9916968959.

Be safe, Bengalurians, but do not be heartless. Help these animals get back to their habitats.

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