Exclusive: Why 3 youth left the ISIS to return to India

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It is just a matter of time before three youth from Maharashtra who left to join the ISIS in Iraq and Syria reunite with their families. These youth, who have been in contact with their families since Sept 2014, had expressed their willingness to return.

Sources in the Home Ministry tell Oneindia that these youth had been showing intent to return since the past two months. They were unhappy over there and felt that the kind of battle being waged was not their cup of tea.


Friend's death changed their mind

The first signs were seen when Shaheen Tanki, one of the youth who left for Syria, called his mother in ‎Sept 2014. The call was made following the death of one of their friends Majeed who was killed in a bomb blast. Tanki, however, did not want to worry his mother and said everything was fine. He only confirmed the death of Majeed.

No case against the youth who left ISIS to return to India

The Indian government has taken a completely different approach to the entire problem. It has chosen not to be confrontational by booking cases. Instead all those who sought to join the ISIS but returned home were counselled.

This has curbed the problem to a great extent. In fact in the month of September there were 300 youth from India who wanted to join the ISIS.

However, today (Tuesday, Nov 25) as per the version of National Security Advisor (NSA) Ajit Doval only ten youth are there who want to join the ISIS.

It's extremely difficult for Indians to survive with ISIS

Even in the case of the three youth, the government will take the same approach. They would be asked a couple of questions which would pertain only to the Indians with the ISIS. It is already a known fact that these youth had wanted to join the tech team of the ISIS.

However, what the agencies would also want to know is of there is a growing clamour for combat among the Indian youth. Indian agencies say that it is extremely difficult for Indians to survive with the ISIS.

They are brutal and extremely battle ready. Several youth get carried away but then realise soon only to return. They were initially attracted to the concept of the caliphat but then realised that the battle was being restricted only to Iraq and Syria.

Counselling, not terror charges awaits them

Moreover, the Indian government has decided that it would prefer to counsel the youth rather than slap terror charges. The decision not to join the US in its war against ISIS was also a well thought out decision.

India knows that joining such a coalition would only wake the anti America brigade in India and the number of people joining the ISIS would have only increased.

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