Why the allegations made against Mamata Banerjee matters?

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The investigations into the top brass of the Trinamool Congress Party in connection with the Saradha scam has got the necessary push now that Kunal Ghosh has made a statement before the Magistrate.

This was not just an outburst as had been claimed in the past by the TMC, but a valid statement made not under duress before the Magistrate which is valid in law.

For the CBI which had a bit of trouble getting right to the top, this statement by Ghosh comes as a blessing as it would now ride on the orders of the court to further its investigation. Today before the court Ghosh termed Mamta as the biggest beneficiary of the Saradha scam.


Allegations now have a legal sanctity

In normal course when an accused person makes a statement before an investigating agency in this case the CBI, he normally tends to withdraw it before the court.

In several cases it has been seen that a confessional statement is made before the investigator only to be withdrawn before the court claiming that he was forced into it and only made it under duress.

However the statement made by Ghosh before the Magistrate was done under oath and he will have to think of legal repercussions even if he choses to withdraw the same at the trial stage.

How the statement will change course of investigations?

For the CBI this is a shot in the arm. Some of the big names in the party could not be investigated due to direct links. What has been found by the CBI is the participation of some big names, but they have not been able to link them directly as they could not question them.

Ghosh today made it clear to the court that he stands by the allegations he had made against Mamata Banerjee and Mukul Roy. He said that the CBI is free to probe him on this and he will give proof.

The CBI will now rely on the court's order and the court has the discretion to direct them to probe the allegations that Kunal Ghosh has made.

The CBI had always maintained that when it comes to some names, they would prefer a court order to that effect and this statement by Ghosh gives them exactly that platform.

What the court can say?

The court can either direct a probe or reject the allegation. Normally courts direct investigating agencies to probe allegations. If they realize that the accused is serious about the allegations then a probe can very well be directed by the court.

Legal experts say that by directing a probe into the allegations made by Ghosh it would not necessarily mean that a conclusion is being reached.

It is just an investigation to ensure that the allegations are looked into. It is for the CBI to probe the case and come to a conclusion and then the finality of any such thing is always decided during the trial.

What has Ghosh got on him against Mamata?

Ever since Kunal Ghosh has been arrested he has been very vocal against Mamata Banerjee. He says that she benefitted the most from the scam. He has alleged that her painting was purchased by Sudipto Sen and this was the beginning of things to come.

Further Ghosh also reveals a plan where the Saradha group was prompted to invest in the media in a bid to take complete control and project her as the Prime Ministerial candidate.

He also claimed that the cronies of the Chief Minister had done a lot to keep her name out of the scam. There were always instructions to keep the big names out.

"Keep Mamata out of this scam at any cost as she is nurturing a bigger role at the centre and any scam at this point in time could prove fatal to that dream of hers," was the constant talk in the TMC circles, Ghosh had alleged.

I was the scapegoat: Kunal Ghosh

Ghosh had told the CBI that he had respect for Mamata. However he decided to drop the bomb on her only after he realized that she too along with the rest decided to make him the scapegoat.

It was at the behest of people like Rajat Majumdar that I was made a scapegoat he alleged. All this was done to ensure that the heat does not fall on her and the rest of the top leaders, Kunal Ghosh also said.

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