Why Roopa Gangulys will do more harm to BJP than good in Bengal

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Union Minister of State for Commerce and Industry (Independent Charge) Nirmala Sitharaman has backed her colleague Babul Supriyo in the jhaalmuri controversy that broke out after West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee offered him snacks while travelling in the same vehicle last week.

Leaders of Bengal BJP did not like Supriyo's bonhomie with Banerjee, saying it did not send a good message to supporters of the BJP being attacked by the ruling party in the state.


State leadership is worried with central leadership's strategy: What for?

The party's state leadership is worried that if the central leaders praise the Trinamool Congress chief (as was seen during the recent visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the state) then it will ultimately harm their fight against the Mamata Banerjee government. With the next assembly election a year away, the state leadership is not feeling the strategy is right.

Politics not a simplified process

Sitharaman, who is in state to receive reports on the BJP's organisational functioning, said a good relation between the Centre and the state is what required in a federal set-up but that doesn't allow a compromise with the TMC in Bengal. She advised the state leaders to work on the organisation and movement in the state.

Congress, too, had faced this dilemma in the past but BJP's state leaders are still non-beginners

The BJP, it looks, is facing the same dilemma that the Congress has faced in the past. While the party's high command always backed the TMC supremo to reap mutual benefits in the state politics for the Congress itself has lost its grip there, the fragmented local leadership thought the opposite for they perceived Banerjee as a serious threat to their own 'fiefdoms'.

In what capacity are Roopa Gangulys and BJP's other actor-politicians are fighting Mamata Banerjee?

The BJP's local leaders certainly do not have that kind of a political clout to oppose what the party's top leadership is thinking, but the tendency is right there. Or else, who are people like Roopa Ganguly of Joy Bandyopadhyay to speak on the BJP's strategy vis-a-vis Mamata Banerjee in the state?

From their open resistance to the central leadership's plan, it is clear that these people from the popular glamour industry have very little training and experience in practical politics, even after facing a disaster in the recent civic polls.

Can Roopa Gangulys take on Mamata from zones of discomfort & hard work?

Roopa Ganguly later said the chapter was closed but it was more because of the gag order issued from the top. The damage has already been done and until these aspiring leaders of Bengal BJP understand that politics is not a discipline of simplicity, they will continue to pose more threats to the central leadership's mission to dethrone Mamata Banerjee.

Dear Mrs Ganguly, start the fight from the grassroots, not amid the media coverage in Kolkata

The Roopa Gangulys and Joy Bandyopadhyays should focus on building a robust organisation in the remote corners of Bengal ahead of the next big polls if they really want to defeat Mamata Banerjee. Banerjee is one leader whose emergence has been from the bottom.

Unlike her, the filmstars-turned-politicians have only parachuted from the top and have remained stuck to the media to make their political points.

If Roopa Ganguly thinks she can really challenge the Trinamool chief in her own den in near future, she must focus on the grassroots organisation, just like the latter had done during the days of the Left's dominance.

By criticising their own party's Union minister, the Roopa Gangulys are doing more harm to the BJP's chances in Bengal

But these so-called leaders are more busy criticising their own minister from the Centre for sharing a packet of jhaalmuri with Mamata Banerjee. They are basically wasting time by doing that. For by isolating Mamata Banerjee and her state, PM Modi will have more to lose than gain. And the Roopa Gangulys have really nothing to lose in politics.

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