Why petty political stunt ‘Love Jihad’ will bring more harm than benefit to BJP

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BJP and its petty political stunt
At a time when communal tensions, especially in Uttar Pradesh have increased many fold in recent days, Bharatiya Janta Party's filp-flopping stand on ‘Love Jihad' will not do any good to Modi led party.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had preached this theory of inclusive politics many a times in run up to Lok Sabha election and even after that. But his intention is largely in dock after ‘fringe groups' not reprimanded for their ‘Hindutva' remark.

When I am writing this piece, counting for by-election in four States Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab and Karnataka is continued and reportedly BJP braces for defeat. If saffron party gets boot, that will somewhere prove that Modi Government is losing its initial charm now.

And reason could be recent spates of controversies raked up by party coteries and Modi's indifferent attitude on the matter.

Though, other factors like failing to tackle inflation, lull of jobs in market could also be the reason, but BJP's spearheading for unnecessary thing like ‘Love jihad will further exacerbate its cup of woes in coming days.

Modi Government's inclusive politics faces challenge by ‘fringe groups'

Prime Minister always reiterated this point that his government believes in inclusive politics which mean no community will be discriminated at any point of time and has equal right to avail resources of the country.

But this has been constantly challenged by party coteries through their statements and various actions. Like every second day, various right wing organisations come up with their new definition of ‘Hindutva'.

Some express their opinion in muted tone while some in more assertive manner. Right from RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat, VHP convener Ashok Singhal to Yogi Adityanath, everyone has pushed Modi Government on slippery track with their statements.

BJP Government is constantly facing flak for not raising his voice assertively against ‘Hindutva' remark, which is perceived to be a deliberate campaign to corner minority community.

And adding to this, ‘Love Jihad' will further repel minority community coming into fold of BJP, considering it a big risk to their safety and security.

Opposition gets vindicated 

Leaders from Opposition camps are constantly throwing salvo at BJP for trying to communalise the atmosphere in Uttar Pradesh.

Report suggests that State has witnessed more than 600 incidences of communal violence and increased since new Government took the rein in their hand.

Though Ministry of Home Affair had rejected that report, but onus still lies on Modi government. Why communal flares have become a routine affair in the State.

Though Law and order is a State subject but Centre has their own mechanism to curb such instances which pose a big risk to communal harmony of the society.

Opposition parties like Congress, SP and BSP always voiced their concern that communal tensions will get a fillip once BJP will come to power even before the Lok Sabha election. Now they all have got a chance to take on the new dispensation.

In the backdrop of this scenario, BJP's new campaign to give a protection shield to Hindu girl will definitely not go down well among people.

Opposition camp will not leave a single stone unturned in showing BJP in bad light ahead of coming election in States.

Communal harmony in UP is at risk

The term "love jihad" coined by Hindu groups for alleged efforts by young Muslims reportedly targeting non-Muslim girls by luring them to marry and later converting them to Islam.

As per a Firstpost report, "Allegation of this kind was first pointed out by some activists in Kerala more than a decade ago and it has surfaced in Uttar Pradesh in the last few years," said Prof Rahul Shukla at Lucknow University.

Though, after breathing fire to this "love jihad" concept for so many days, BJP dropped this idea at state executive meet on Sunday, but party came under scanner for its intention.

At a time when hardly a day passes when communal skirmishes doesn't come into light in Uttar Pradesh, this campaign will further increase the animosity between two communities.

The enmity between two communities have increased recently by series of communal riots , right from Muzapparnagar, muradabad, faizabad to Meerut. On Sunday also two such incidences came to the fore.

Petty political stunt

It seems deliberate and desperate attempt by BJP to score in coming election by polarizing Hindu votes.
But what about those innocent people who are at risk because of such campaign, which encourages rancor and hatred among followers.

This way of doing politics is really a abominable one, which disturbs communal fabric of the country. If BJP will continue to propagate such sort of political message, the day will not be very far when they will be booted out like Congress.

Both BJP and SP must answer

Without feeling a bit of remorse for their own chequered record, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav swiped at BJP leader and Mathura MP Hema Malini for "love jihad".

He said that yesterday's Bollywood star had promoted the concept in her movies 'Dharmatma', where son of a Hindu gang-lord fell in love with a Muslim girl played by Hema Malini. He raised question on BJP's hypocrisy on the concept.

Putting blame to others will not wash out his own sin as Uttar Pradesh has become hotbed of crime during his regime.

Hardly a day passes when no untoward incidents occur in Uttar Pradesh, right from rape, murder and communal flares.

It seems common man is at the mercy of god in the State as law and order has completely gone for a toss in Samajwadi party ruled State.

According to Outlook data, during Akhilesh rule, a total of 23,569 incidents of crimes against women took place.

Among them 8,440 cases are against State cops. A total of 1,951 rape cases are reported with around 10 rapes happening every day. Total 5,676 riots incident took place.

Adding to these Akhilesh's and party chief Mulayam singh's obnoxious comment really proves that they least cares for people in State and only concerns about their vote bank.

Both BJP and SP owe an answer to people of the State and country why communal tensions have increased in recent days.

Putting blame to one another will not make them less guilty.

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